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My kind of female body attracts me
Posted:Jan 23, 2020 7:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 1:49 pm

Alot of guys have alot of types of women they love to date and attracts them mostly. Big women, athletic, curvy or skinny or all in one. As for me, im mostly attracted to two types of bodied women since my 20s...curvy and athletic.

Dont get me wrong, when it comes to sex i would go for curvy, athletic or skinny women at anytime. But when it comes to dating, sparking up a great friendship, relationship or great sex its the athletic women i want. Why?? Simply because like me they keep themselves in great shape, have alot of energy, has knowledge on ways to stay healthy and motivate me to stay track on improving my exercising. Other than having a great intresting personality, that's mainly the usual thing but its true. Lol And don't tell me that you don't fantasize about athletic girls, because we honestly do..weather they're on tv, events or shows. Soooo in case you never knew what body of a woman attracts me the most, now you know. Athletic women attracts me the most.

If you know of any women that are athletic and looking to have a great time, leave your comments down below so we can test each other on sone great exercising. Or if you wanna share what women bodies you like leave your comments.

Till the next blog post guys, take care. 😁
My fitness life
Posted:Jan 15, 2020 12:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 1:49 pm

Fitness has become of great priorities in life stay healthy, be strong and be proud of this life changing journey for 5 years now. Alot of people have asked on what drove take this journey. Well sit back and read this as i tell you:

In the past when i was a through 20s, i would exercise day then slack off and not do them the next. I thought i was fine and had a good physique on body, but the problem was that i wasn't strong, eating bad foods and not proud of what i looked at all. parents and friends have told that i had a good gift that not too many people have, so now it was time to make that gift mean something. In 20 at age 32, i met a co worker at job did fitness. He asked if i was intrested and by listening how intresting his workouts was i agreed. day we exercised at the park and since then i was hooked on how challenging, but fun exercising was. So FINALLY i dedicated myself fitness and this 5 year journey has changed life for the better. performance is much better, i feel more confident in body progression, im learning ways eat healthy foods and people superman due strength. Im just looking for ways increase performance of that go-getting challenging attitude inspire people change their lives.

Im 36 years old and im in the best shape in life, goal is still be active and strong when im a senior citizen and not be broken down by laziness. So there it is, the answer why i chose be in the fitness road. If you guys have questions or wanna exercise with just visit the jersey area and lets make this happen.

Thanks for listening, till the next post....stay fit.💪
Slow and steady wins the race
Posted:Jan 14, 2020 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 1:49 pm

Yes people, when we're intrested in someone we alot of us come on hard and ask, "whats your number?" "wanna meet up??" "How much you wanna fuck me??" or " will you marry me?" Well, okay the last part is rarely said, but you get what i mean. There's a problem with that folks and im gonna tell you the main thing you gotta have...patience and respect. If you jump on the quotes that i just said too damn fast, you'll be heading into trouble faster than getting an erection. That's right i said it!!

You need to be intresting for people to notice who you are, like learning about there heritage, what they like or dislike, what they do for a living, what goals they seek to accomplish, what do they do for fun and if they love to be flirty about sex and fun. And in return let them learn about you and end up striking a great conversation of intrest. Let this go on for two weeks or three, you want them to feel that they are safe in your hands of care and goodness. When the time comes and you feel the urge, ask them if they have a free day for you two to meet and hangout to talk and enjoy each other or ask them for the phone number to talk or plan something to get together for a date. Hey, you might get lucky for a great kiss or hot sex or both. Im just saying. The reason why, you were patient, respectful, understanding, sensitive, mature, mannerable, caring and honest.

That's how you need to be at all times folks, no matter what age you are..we can't come on hard for the start. Don't do it or you'll be known as a gross hornydog!! Taking things slow and learning about people is what i love to do..i wanna know who I'm dealing with before planning the big move.

Slow and steady wins the race!!!

Thanks for listening, till the next blog post..stay calm. 😊
Posers and scammers
Posted:Jan 14, 2020 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 1:49 pm

Hi guys, first time I've ever made a blog post here so i hope you all take heed and enjoy this.

Im sure alot of you have seen this scenerio many times, seeing profiles with hot pics that makes us think to ourselves, "Hey, i gotta talk to this person. He or she is so hot that i wanna fuck and learn more about him or her." Well, 9 times out of 10, that happens. And I would be lying if i said that didn't mentally flowed through me in the past. Guess its because im a man..go figure. 😂 But what if that "person" wants you to just give out money to them, refuses to videochat, refuses to meet up with you or sends the same pics repeatedly when you ask for recent ones?? Really gets you thinking on paying close attention on what's what. The only best way to tell if the person is real is by the cam models who we wanna see, tip, buzz and learn more about. If you really strike a connection that has good trust, they will give you their phone number for further conversations and exchanging fun of enjoyment. In the past, I've dealt with scammers and the moment they ask me for money or have the same shady pics sent to me i block them immediately. At this rate they'll forget about you quickly since they're no good posers anyway.

So people, don't get fooled and look for the signs and details very carefully to see who is real or not in the profiles. Still not sure, talk to a cam model that's real as he or she says she is. Hope this helps all of you to learn about how these "PROFILERS" are. If you found this helpful or if you've experienced talking to scammers and posers as i did leave me your comments down below and like this blog post.

Thanks guys and till the next post.....be smart!!

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