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Posted:Nov 12, 2019 9:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2019 8:51 am

You know who you are, it's Mother Nature calling.

You know how to contact , I won't be going first this time, Father Time.


Intellectual, Philosophical, and Emotional Conversations REQUIRED

No more fuck and leave, that shit wasn't fair and you know it.



My Ideal Person Free Thinkers Only

By Bea Miller

I love myself, I wanna see it
When I turn around, look in the mirror
And if you don't like it, you can leave it
'Cause it's my own and I'll keep owning it
If you don't like what I'm wearing
Well, you're only bothered 'cause you're staring
And you'll never talk into caring
'Cause it's my own and I'll keep owning it
I'ma do just what I want on the regular
And it's really not my fault if you're scared of a
Sweet little unforgettable thing, unforgettable
Sweet little unforgettable thing, so incredible
Know that I'm not sorry, I'm just loving my body
I don't care if you scared of a sweet little unforgettable thing
I love my ass, I wanna shake it
You can thank my mama 'cause she made it
Don't you waste your breath tryna change it
Just mind your own and I'll keep owning it
We gotta learn to stick together
Love your color, gender or whatever
'Cause your happiness don't need a censor
Just mind your own and we'll keep owning it
I'ma do just what I want on the regular
And it's really not my fault if you're scared of a
Sweet little unforgettable thing, unforgettable
Sweet little unforgettable thing, so incredible
Know that I'm not sorry, I'm just loving my body
I don't care if you scared of a sweet little unforgettable thing
Shame, shame, shame on me, shame, shame, shame
Shame on me, baby, I ain't gon' change
Shame, shame, shame on me, shame, shame, shame
Shame on me, baby, I ain't gon' change (no, no, no)
Sweet little unforgettable thing, unforgettable
Sweet little unforgettable thing, so incredible
Know that I'm not sorry, I'm just loving my body
I don't care if you scared of a sweet little unforgettable thing
Shame, shame, shame on me
Shame on me, baby
Shame, shame, shame on me
Shame on me, baby
Sweet little unforgettable thing
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Beatrice Miller / Ido Zmishlany / Stephenie Nicole Jones
Posted:Nov 12, 2019 6:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2019 5:54 am
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Youre So Vain
Posted:Nov 12, 2019 4:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 5:15 am
You walked into the party
Like you were walking on a yacht

Uh, no, I am usually just the wallflower a party, I like “watch” first.

Your hat strategically dipped below one eye

I hate most hats, and don’t feel like I look all good them Carly.

Your scarf, it was apricot

Oh…I like color

You had one eye on the mirror

Okay, okay, sometimes I look

And watched yourself gavotte

What’s a gavotte? Oh yeah, I have a search engine. Hold on…oh, it’s a French dance from the th Century. I love dance, and I love period pieces.

And all the girls dreamed they’d be your partner
They’d be your partner, and

If they did, you were actually dreaming

You’re so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain,
I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you?
Don’t you?

Well, I don’t think I’m vain, I actually think I’m goofy as hell. but, yes, maybe this song is about ….

Oh, you had several years ago

It was more like about forty years ago when this song came out

When I was still naive

Yep, I was naive too

Well, you said we made such a pretty pair

It’s possible…

And you would never leave

I usually leave

But you gave away the things you loved

I swear, it’s not’s .

And one of them was

I wasn’t giving you away, you’re your own person

I had some dreams, they were clouds in coffee

Did you? I hate coffee

Clouds coffee, and

If there are clouds your coffee, maybe you shouldn’t drink it

You’re so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain, you’re so vain
I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you?
Don’t you?

Okay, maybe this song is really about …

Well I hear you went Saratoga

No, I went to Michigan and Maine

And your , naturally, won

Do I have a ? Let look….nope none present

Then you flew your Learjet up Nova Scotia

I don’t like fly, it scares the bejesus of . And, I haven’t been Canada since I was a young adult

see the total eclipse of the sun

I’ve seen one, but it wasn’t Nova Scotia

Well, you’re where you should be all the time

I certainly try be, but Father Time and I STILL have “issues”. I tend get confused when I plan and don’t plan well

And when you’re not, you’re with some underworld spy


Or the wife of a close friend,
Wife of a close friend, and

Uh no, doesn’t sound like me

You’re so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain, you’re so vain
I’ll bet you think this song is about you
Don’t you?
Don’t you?

No, I actually no longer think this song is about me. Why did I think this song was about me?

Why yes, yes I do think I’m hysterical.

Dear Storm
Posted:Nov 11, 2019 6:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 8:35 pm

Dear S,

You know who you are, it's Mother Nature calling. And, you know what Mother Nature wants to do, don't you?

Do You Remember all Our Conversations, My Knight in White Chef Jacket?

Let's take it slow and start again. Real Talk.

Considering the Foundation of Trust we've already begun to build, it only makes sense.

You First, Father Time, You First.

Wanna go to IHOP? Or, maybe we can catch a movie?

How about you tell me? In my Inbox, Mr Kat.

This is way more fun for me than I even realized it could be.

Come be my FWB, S

Intellectual, Philosophical, and Emotional Conversations REQUIRED

Posted:Nov 11, 2019 11:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 7:15 pm
Irony: noun: the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Irony is coming back to a “sex site” to woo a man who disrespected you, in order to prove a point about Rpe Culture.

Irony is using the sounding board of a Presidential Candidate (Andrew Yang2020*dot*com)who speaks heavily about automation and what it's doing to our world to speak about Nature and Natural Beauty.

Irony is having people tell me to leave the past in the past on Veteran's Day

Irony is realizing the last man you were with long term that you met on TSDates, didn't respect you as much as you thought he did, And, still going back to TSDates to find a relationship because it worked so well before, amirite?

Irony is Finding Your True Joy again on TSDates by writing and blogging about Rpe Culture.

Leave the Past in the Past
Posted:Nov 11, 2019 6:08 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 5:12 am

Will Continue, First Comment
Dear Man
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 7:04 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 11:57 am

Dear Man,

You know who you are, it's Nature calling. And, you know what Nature wants to do, don't you? You remember what I said that night? You've only just begun to taste heaven, kind sir.

You thought you knew me, but your low effort belied your true intentions. I preferred the man I met on his birthday. That's the kind of man that steals my soul.

I don't know what happened, or why you even got upset. It was like you were another person.

I wish you understood.

You Can Talk With Me, ya know.

Instead of at me, like you've been doing these last few go rounds...

If you ain't interested, no worries, it's cool. We both know I can live without you.


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...Never Too Early for Sex
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 3:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 7:40 pm

Written March2, ThousandFifteen

Friday was like most Fridays. Jason left for work first thing in the morning, I settled into the chair of sleepiness and turned on the tv. (The chair of sleepiness is what I Jason's recliner. It is, perhaps, the most comfortable chair I have ever been in and it can be difficult for stay awake when sitting in it sometimes) The first thing I should say is Jason finally got himself a new tv, it is of those 4k Ultra Definition Smart TVs. And, while I am not all that impressed with the “smartness” of it, the picture is outfuckingstanding.

Since he got this tv, I have had this desire watch all of favorite disaster movies on it. , I still possess weird love of disaster movies. I keep telling people, it's the action and the blowing shit up...sure. I mean, I love a good explosion. But, what stands in disaster movies that you rarely find in others is that people...young and old, black and white..usually end up working together for the “greater good”. You know, everyone ends up putting aside their differences so that the human race can survive. So, I'm a sucker for Utopian society, I can't help it.

The first time I lifted the remote Friday morning, I remember the reading the articles about how the mic picks up everything and they can record everything you say. (They being Samsung, says so right in the privacy policy...that they can record you) So, well, now I had to with the thing. Yep, I turned the tv on and started pushing the voice button to ask the tv stupid ass questions.

“Am I your slut?” I ask first

“Stop being so naughty” was the tv's reply

Okay, this is fun

“What's for breakfast?”

“What are you making..” the tv said

Oh , brilliant comebacks

“How much porn does Jason watch when I'm not here?”

“Please do”


“Please do what?” I asked it

“Draw me something”

Okay, , the tv isn't the most brilliant conversationalist. So much for smart, I can get better answers from roommate's year old . After attempt at cracking myself up, I tuned the tv Netflix and on comes Sharknado. doesn't want watch Sharks flying through the air eating people on a 55” big screen with awesome graphics?

That reminds me, they are filming Sharknado 3 right here in Orlando, and there is a big part of me that thinks I should sign up be shark “bait”. I mean, come on, how fun would that be be a part of a disaster movie... of favorite genres. I don't even care if I get , I just want be eaten by a shark on the big screen. Come on, they could that shit up, webcam model going about her business “entertaining” on the web when a shark comes through the wall and bites head's that for pop culture? Hehehe.

Anywho, I did usual started the day with a kind of slowness. I relaxed as I watched the sharks fly about the screen, and thought about what I was going make for dinner. By the time I settled on a simple meal of baked chicken and potatoes, the movie was over and I was ready to bake. So, I told new “friend” turn on the food network, and went into the kitchen.

While baking chocolate chip cookies with walnuts in them, Jason called to ask what we needed from the store. I promised to make him homemade French Onion Soup for dinner Saturday, and there were a few things we needed. After promising to text him list, he asked what I was doing. I told him the truth...I was fucking with his tv and baking.

“Where's Willow? Is she jealous of your new friend?” He asked

Willow is Jason's cat that be the “shop” cat. She was a stray that all the guys in the shop feed and adopted as their pet. Well, someone fed the cat antifreeze and when they came in one day, they found a very sick cat. The owner of the company spent a small fortune get the cat better, but they all knew she couldn't come back the shop. So, Jason took her in.

They have this kind of love-hate thing happening. He pretends he doesn't like her, and then showers her with affection, attention, buys her toys and treats every single time he is at the store. But, when he talks about her...she's a pain in his ass. Just like me...hmmm...pussy=pain in the ass. Epiphany! LMFAO.

“She's sleeping in her new bed, you know she loves that thing”

It was true, Willow had barely left that cat bed he bought her.

“Spoiled...just spoiled”

“Yes, but spoils her Jason?” teasing him

“I don't know what you're talking about”

“Mmmmhmmm” I responded.

“All right, I gotta go. Be good.”


I finished baking the cookies and took a shower. I find it better to wait after I have baked and made mess before I shower, I'm messy. I can't seem help it, when I cook or bake...I make a mess. I should probably myself an apron...but somehow, I don't think that will stop me from getting flour EVERYWHERE! LOL

After cleaning the kitchen, I sat down to do some marketing for camming. Basically, marketing consists of me getting on twitter and tweeting pictures of me. I will tweet some inspirational stuff from time to time, when I can keep it down to 0 characters, that is. Then, time for some editing. I had an hour of footage that needed some heavy duty editing.

blooper reel from camming can be funny as hell. I already mentioned I squirted on computer once, breaking it. But, there is more, I have had dildos batteries run on when I was right on the edge of cumming...where I blow up and start cursing modern technology and threw it across the room. I have the where I was trying be a mommy character and started extolling all the reasons I find “my baby” irritating as fuck and how stupid I felt acting like a grown man's mother. , I was having a moment that day.

But, anyway, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on that. Sitting in the chair of sleepiness in lingerie with computer on lap, Jason came walking in the door early.

“What are you doing?” first words of his mouth


“In that?” referring black and purple lingerie

“Of course, why not?”


“Yep” I just smiled.

He walked into the kitchen and put down the groceries, I finished editing. He came back into the living room to over shoulder.

“Having fun?” he asked

“Oh..the joy...the camera angle is weird in this shot. I'm trying see if I can lose it.”

He truly does not like camming, but he will watch the videos and tell what he thinks. So I ran it through for him. His advice...

“Keep it, you would lose continuity otherwise”

He was right, I just didn't like that angle...but would lose a lot by cutting the scene.

“Thank you” I said smiling.

I saved work and put computer down, standing up throw arms around his neck.

“Hey sexy, how was your day?”

“What are you doing?” he asked

“Getting a kiss”


“Because I want ” I replied

“How does it feel want?”

“Oh come on, it's just a kiss”

He laughed and kissed me, then grabbed the back of head and licked the crap of nose while I fought get away laughing. ]In the last year or so, this has become a thing he does every once in a while. When he's finished kissing me, he licks nose. I have tell you..he knows it rarely fails make laugh, and I love the fact that he's willing go so far see smile.

“I'm going get in the shower” he stated

“Okies, I'm going put away the groceries”

While he was in the shower, I put away the groceries and sat down on the couch. When he came of the shower, he was in his naked glory and a smile spread across as he sat down next .

“Woah, I see that in your eye...easy” he says amusingly

“What ?” I ask innocently

“That , the where I feel like a piece of meat”

I purposely licked lips slowly...

“I have no idea what you are talking about” smiling as I said it

“You know exactly what I'm talking about. at you, you just licked your lips like you want eat ” he's laughing

“Oh, I want eat a part of you alright” I winked

“It's too early”

Smacking his ass, I ran in the other direction yelling

“It's never too early for sex”

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She Won Erotic Story Pt2
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 9:25 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 5:59 pm

Do What I Say Erotic FICTION

At first, her vision was blurry. She still hadn't come back from the dream.

That's when she realized the fucker hadn't helped her cum yet.

He's standing there, eyes all glazed over, with that self satisfied grin on his face and she hadn't even had ONE.

Eyes blazing, heart pounding, she felt her diaphragm tighten, ready for “Verbal Masturbation”. (thank you backpocket13 )

“The fuck, dude, where's mine?”

“You want my hand” he asks, muttering in the way men do when they ain't got enough juice satisfy.

“Come on, I need more than that, I'm a kinky, kinky woman”

“Exasperating is what you are” the spark she ignited fueling him

“Dear Lort, can we call some people help, at least. I need some stimulation, what you got, my friend, ain't enough”

Falling back on the bed in an exasperated sigh, she looks over at him:

“Give me the communicator, I'm sure the Monkeez are up for some fun”

“The Fuck you are, do you know how many people they've been with?” he says sternly.

“Dude, our agreement ended when you didn't fulfill your end of the bargain, I still haven't had my earth shattering orgasm.”

“But, you're in my house, you're mine. The contract says so.” puffed up chest, his only refuge.

She stood, walked over to the desk where she knew the papers were, and picked them up. Pulling the hairband off of her wrist, she tied her hair back while she looked for the paragraph. Flipping through the pages, she gets to the point in the contract she was looking for:

“Here, my friend, on page seventeen, addendum four of our month agreement. One Earth Shattering Orgasm a night.” she points the paragraph, as he looks over her shoulder onto their contract.

“ up, you lost the bet. I haven't had one earth shatterer in a wee” She says with a wink and a smile.

“Has it been that long? I've been busy” he grumbles

“Busy, my ass. You've been busily being a selfish ungrateful twatwaffle. I made sure you orgasmed well; endured your sadism; and what did I get? Nada.” She says with a glint in her eye.

“But, I love you.” he stutters

“No, my friend, you love the idea of me. You haven't taken one moment get know the real . Always caught up in conversations about your work; your friends; your life. Have you taken even one moment get know as a person?” The fire burning bright in her eyes.

“I told you from the beginning that monogamy wouldn't work for . But, you had have your way, that's why we made this contract. That's why we made this bet, remember?” Her lips twisted in an almost maniacal grin. “You're just another man who THINKS he's enough, but you never are, no one person has ever has been enough”

His shoulders slumped. He remembered the conversation well. Believing he could convert her, he entered the contract willingly. Who wouldn't? This woman promised do MOST of the things he wanted, as long as they took it slow. He was the one who insisted monogamy was important, he was the one who....

Walking over to his desk, he picks up his checkboo

“Check okay?” He asks

“Make it out the Foundation” her voice coated in joy.

Part Later

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People of the Bus
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 4:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2019 4:33 am

I’m happy to be home, among friends and palm trees. Did I ever mention to you all my love of trees? I probably haven’t, but I have a serious fascination with trees. I like looking at them, the different kinds that are interspersed throughout our country. The big ones are my favorite, the real old ones? They are so magnificent, lasting throughout the centuries. Anywhoooo….LOL.

Now that I’ve slept like a dead person; went for my morning walk; and took a shower, I’m ready to tell you all about some of the people I met on my trip back. I’m going to start with the older gentleman from Haiti because I met him in the Detroit bus station.
We smiled at each other several times, and when the guy was acting a fool on the , we shook our heads at each other. When it came time and they called for my bus, he walked over to me and showed me his ticket. He was going to Tifton, GA, and was scheduled on all the buses as I was.

He didn’t speak a lot of English, and it became apparent, to me, that he was going to need help. We had two transfers, and I didn’t want him to get left behind. So, I decided I would watch for him, I let him know we were on the buses and I would help him. I’m not sure he understood me in the beginning. I talk a mile a minute, and some people have trouble understanding what I’m saying. I can only imagine what I sound like to someone whose first language isn’t English.

We didn’t talk a whole lot, but he figured I was watching for him once we got to Cincinnati. I motioned to him to follow me as we got off the bus, and made sure he was in line for the next one. I did the in Atlanta. By the time we got to Tifton, he was still smiling, and thanked me.

He said “Thank you, sister, many blessings”.


Now, for the next lady I met. She was from Flint, and was going to Macon, GA to spend time with her and grandchildren. She was an elderly African American lady, and we sat next to each other from Cincinnati to Atlanta. We shared stories and talked about our lives, she offered me some of her peanuts, and I offered her candy.

She was just this sweet lady whom I am glad I met, we joked with each other, and could often be found laughing like co conspirators. When really, we were just laughing about the guy who kept answering his by saying “I’m too tired to talk right now”, then hanging up on every person. Seriously, it got hysterical by Atlanta. His rang like twenty times, and each time… thing. Then, he’d mumble under his breath about people calling him. I wondered why he didn’t just turn the thing off. LOL.

She departed the bus in Macon, we said our goodbyes, hugged, and wished each other the best.


Last, I’m going to tell you about the other African American woman close to my age traveling with her grandsons. She sat behind me and the elderly lady from Flint, and was headed to Atlanta to take the boys back to their parents’ after visiting her mother.
The three of us watched out for each other and her grandsons, we just made sure we all got where we needed to go..the correct lines. She was also giggling with us about the guy hanging up on everyone called him. She was my instigator, though. She knew she could get me to giggle, and would “stir” me up from time to time. It was really quite fun.

Her grandsons were adorable, and well behaved. The youngest one would show off his superhero skills during breaks. When we were all outside stretching our legs, he charmed the pants of all us older ladies with his gorgeous smile, dimples, and spirit. And, me being the big Marvel fan I am, watching him pretend to be the Hulk, Ironman, and Captain America just made me giggle in glee.

When she departed in Atlanta, she gave me the biggest hug. We said our goodbyes, and wished each other well.

Share yourselves. It can bring you joy, laughter, and peace.

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Not Offended
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 4:09 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 7:38 pm

Guess is getting a wee bit frustrated with horny fools in her inbox?

Yeah, I'm gonna vent about it

I am so goddamn sick of these fucking twatwaffles can't conceive of any reason other than a woman being a delicate little snowflake was "offended" when their shitty fucking attempts to hit on her by whipping their dick fail.

You're just tacky, classless and rude.

If I invite you to dinner at an upscale restaurant, and you show in a sideways Budweiser hat, an eighties rock t-shirt with the sleeves ripped , and cargo shorts, I am not "offended." You're being a dumb fucking jackass.

If you complain to the waiter of that restaurant, "why ain't y'all got some fuckin' chicken tenders with Ranch up in this shithole?" You're not being, "un-PC," you're being a trashy asshat with the manners of a rabid raccoon.

It's the shit when you barge into my face, my inbox, or any part of my personal space, dick-first, demanding to know if I go ass-to-mouth. I'm not fucking offended. I'm rolling my eyes at how you're embarrassing yourself, and I'm stuck witnessing it.

Being a stupid, tacky, rude shithead enslaved by his own dick is not "edgy," "offensive," or whatever cool little rebel label you think you're wearing.

Get the fuck over yourselves.



just letting off steam

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Do What I Say Erotic FICTION
Posted:Nov 10, 2019 3:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2019 8:06 pm

This Story is FICTION and based on little/Big (Consent Non Consent)

And, was written on May Twenty Fourth Thousand and Eighteen (My Fiftieth Birthday)

She was sitting on the couch, cuddling with her cat when he walked in. Her breath caught, for a moment, as her eyes scanned his face searching for any sign. She couldn't tell his mood, right away, but when he sat on the couch next her, eyes wild with lust, she knew. It was going be one of those nights. Her heart starts racing, and breath quickens.

“Come here, sit closer ” he says with an air of authority.

She moves closer him, knowing that saying no will just make it worse. Just as she got close him, he puts his arm around her shoulders and turns on the television.

“What's this?” she thinks “Maybe I was wrong.”

He flips through the channels on the television, mindlessly, as her heart and breathing take on a more measured pace. Landing on some movie from the eighties, he leans back on the couch.

“Come sit on my lap while we watch this movie”

Her breath quickens, she should have known. She climbs up onto his lap.

“Wiggle for me”

Moving her butt back and forth, she feels it, the hardness between his legs.

“Mmm....that's it. Now, open your legs for me.” He whispered into her ear from behind.

She spread her thighs, slowly, when he had access, he pushed up her nightie and aside her panties, giving him access to what he called her pussy. He started rubbing, at first, just on the outside with his right hand.

“Wiggle for me some more” he said into her ear with his hand firmly planted on her pussy

Wiggling her butt around, hoping not to anger him, she realized it had been months since he came home not wanting “ time” as he called it. She wondered if this was her life now. Suddenly, his hand moves up her nightie to her nipples, breaking her of her thought. Grabbing it between his forefinger and thumb of his left hand, he starts rolling it around.

“Why do you make me do this to you?” he asks voice thick with lust.

Just as the words come of his mouth, his right middle finger dips into her pussy and begins rubbing what he called her button. Round and round, making little circles, while he breathed heavily into her ear.

“Tell me you love it” he says

“I love it” she replies, afraid of his wrath.

Just then, the grip around her nipple gets tighter, the circles get faster, and his breathing becomes more coarse. Her brain starts to go foggy, what he's doing to her feels good, but she knows it's wrong. Conflicted, her brain battles with feeling both good and bad.

“Keep wiggling for me, you know how I like it” his voice penetrates her reverie.

She was startled, and jumped a bit, and her hand knocked his off of her breast. She didn't even mean to do it, it was an accident. But, she knew he was going to make her for it, just like all the other times she tried stopping him, accident or not.

In that moment, his hand came down, hard, across her breast.

“How dare you” He growled.

“But, I didn't mean...” she started

“I don't want to hear your excuses.” he seethes


His palm smacks against her other breast.

“You do and say what I tell you to. Remember?”, biting her ear as he finishes his words.

She shook her head and looked down at the ground, biting her bottom lip. Her breasts stung from his slaps and ears burned with the knowledge he was angry. She wondered how he would punish her tonight, and longed for days gone past. The days before she left, before “ time” started.

“Now, get up and get that ass in the bedroom. Strip and bend over the bed” he growled, breaking her of her thoughts.

She didn't even realize he was pushing her, at first, but soon enough she was off of his lap and on her way into his bedroom to accept her punishment. As she walked, she took off her nightie and placed it over her arm so that she wouldn't waste too much time. There was no way she wanted to anger him further, pushing too far could take him over the edge.

She got into his bedroom and took off her panties, laying both the panties and nighty over the chair, the way he taught her in the beginning. Bending over the bed, she tried to settle her breathing, knowing that tensing her body would make it all feel that much worse.

The couch squeaked a bit as he stood, and she could feel her heart beat faster. She continued to struggle with slowing down her breathing and make herself relax. Then, she heard the belt buckle, and instinctively, her body clenched up. Forcing herself to take a deep breath, she calmed herself as best she could.

Walking up behind her, she feels his pelvis against her butt and his hands grasp her hips. Leaning down across her back, he growls into her ear.

“You like being naughty, don't you?” grinding his pelvis into her ass.

She shook her head back and forth, knowing vocal protestations without his permission would anger him further. He pushed himself off the bed and she felt him step away.


The first slap comes across her ass and she jumps a bit, but continues bracing herself on the bed.




The next come quickly, and with force. She feels his hand rubbing her ass.

“I love it when it's red” she hears him mumble under his breath.


A palm comes down across her left ass cheek, hard, making tears spring her eyes. Her breathing was jagged, she tried get it under control. He was rubbing her ass when she heard his zipper. Not tonight, she thought, she didn't want to with his lolly tonight. She didn't like it when the stuff came of it. Why did he make her lick and suck that?

Why couldn't he be like he was when “ time” was over? When he treated her all sweet, and told her he was sorry. Why couldn't he be like that all the time?


His belt hits across her ass, hard enough to make her stand up. Pushing her back down onto the bed with his hand, he yells,

“What are you doing? ”

Gathering her bearings in her head, she takes another deep breath.

“Open your legs”

She felt his fingers invade her pussy, searching for her button. Once his fingers found their target, they encircled it, pinching it. She felt her body shake from the effort of fighting off the urge to move away from him. Her mind swirled as his grip grew tighter. Pain shooting from her nerve endings making her draw in a deep, loud, hissing breath.

“Don't you ever stop me from touching you again, get it?” he gripped tighter and let go when she shook her head yes.


His belt lands across her pussy and lights burst before her eyes. He never hit her with a belt there before, her knees start to quiver.

“This is my house, and I do what I want”


This time his strike lands on her ass. She couldn't believe how grateful she was for getting smacked on the ass.

He moved closer to her, and she could feel it, naked against her ass. He was rubbing his thing on her butt.

“It's so warm” she heard him mumble under his breath.

Soon, she felt his thing dip between her thighs. He was pushing his lolly between her pussy lips and rubbing it up and down. Her thoughts jumbled. While he slid his lolly through her pussy lips, she wondered what he was doing. This was new, and it felt so good. Her body relaxes, as she feels him softly caress the cheeks of her butt.

“So warm, so wet...” He mutters

She's lost in the feelings emanating from between her legs. Her mind swirling with a mixture of desire and shame. This is so wrong, why does my body do this? Giving herself over to the feelings of his lolly pushing itself over her button, again and again. Her breathing heavy, feels him lean down, putting some of his weight on her back, propping himself with one hand.

His free hand slides under her, grabbing hold of her nipple. Twisting it, lightly, between his fingers, at first, but gradually increasing pressure. His breath coarse, her body tenses against the growing pain in her nipple. She struggles to catch her breath again, taking a deep breath, and pushes herself to endure his ministrations.

When his hand let go of her nipple, she let a sigh of relief. She was so glad she could start only paying attention to the growing butterflies in her pussy. Her mind pushed was doing it to her, and on the feelings.

Just then, he pulled himself from between her legs.

“I'm not done with your punishment, yet.” voice belying his anger. “Get up on that bed, spread eagle, face up”

She wondered what he'd do next. She was enjoying the part with his thing in her pussy lips, it almost made the sting from the belt go away. Almost. Lifting her leg up onto the bed, she hoisted herself up.


He slapped her ass, as she began crawling on the bed.

“Hurry up, I've got plans for you” He said through a menacing grin.

She arranged herself on the bed, as she was taught way back when.

“Move over to the edge, as close as you can get without falling off”

Moving herself over, she couldn't help but wonder what he was up to. What plan could he have? She searched his face for any sign of what was to come. He looked almost maniacal, but there still seemed to be that glint. The glint that said he loved her.

He stood there, on the side of the bed, looking down at her. He smiled at her.


A hand comes down on her breast, and she had her answer.

“First, you have the gall to stop me”


Another strike on the breast.

“Then, you moved”


He, thankfully, switched breasts, and she almost sighed aloud.

“You know better during playtime”


Her gratitude didn't last long. Her breasts burning, her eyes screwed shut, she stopped trying to find mercy in his face.


This time, his palm landed, hard, on her wet pussy. It sent chills up her body, and she squeaked, just a bit as she released her breath.


Another slap onto her pussy, but this time he didn't lift back up. His hand lingered there, and his middle finger dips between her pussy lips. Rolling around inside, searching for it's target, he finds her button and starts rubbing it.

“So warm” he mutters.

She didn't know what to think, was he done punishing her now? Her breasts and pussy stung with the heat of his slap, but she couldn't help but be entranced by what he was doing with his fingers. The butterflies grew, again. Her mind trying to erase what he just did, forget the pain, and focus on the pleasure she was feeling.

It was almost like he knew she was enjoying it. How could he have known? Because it seemed like just as she had drifted into the feeling of the moment, his other hand reached down and grabbed hold of her nipple, hard.

She sucked in her breath deep and fast, mind awash with a mixture of fear and lust. He twisted it around, quite a bit, she couldn't focus on his fingers on her button anymore. Pulling it up, towards him, squeezing the tip of her nipple between his fingers. Then, he let it go. She opened her eyes and looked down, she couldn't believe how big it had grown.


He slaps her breast, flat against the nipple. His other hand still in her pussy playing it's game with her button. Her mind not knowing where to turn, she focuses on that. That's when she sees him put his thing right on her nipple. Using the hand not in her pussy, he pushes the tip of his lolly all around it.

“It feels so good” he murmurs to himself, almost in a trance.

After he used his thing to play with her nipple for a while, she felt his hand grab hers, placing it around his lolly. How she hoped he wouldn't make her play with it, she should have known better.

“Rub it like I showed you” his hand pushing hers up and down it's shaft.

She started rubbing it, feeling the veins against her palm.

“Mmmm... Be a good girl. Like that...” his voice softening.

His fingers stopped strumming her button and began moving down.

“Oh no, why did he stop?” She thought, but didn't dare stop stroking his lolly.

Just then, she felt one finger invade her hole. Soon, he pressed his thumb against her button, and his middle finger was swirling around the inside of her. Her mind began filling with lust, she could feel the pressure building inside her. She wanted it, the explosion, she needed it. Her breathing became quicker, and legs start to quiver. She was close, just a little longer...

She felt him lift her hand off his thing, and, then, he pulled his hand away from her pussy before she could get there. She tried to hide her disappointment, but the sigh she let was much louder than she intended.

“Sshhhh” he said “Here, come sit on the edge of the bed and open that pretty mouth of yours, I'll help you stay quiet.”

She sat up and moved herself over to the edge of the bed. Not this, she didn't want to taste the stuff that came out, couldn't he just let her explode? Looking up at him, she opened her mouth.

“Put your hand around the base, and start licking. Show me how much you love my lolly, and maybe I'll with that pussy again” his lecherousness punctuating his words as his hand grabbed hold of the back of her head, by her hair, pushing her towards his groin.

She did as she was told, placing her hand around the base of his thing, she started licking from the base to the tip. All around, over and over, like he taught her. She felt his hand relax and release her hair, she looked up to see his eyes glaze over.

“Yessss” the word slithering of his mouth “Like thhhat...mmmm....good girl.”

She feels his hand start stroking her hair.

“Now take it in, suck it” his hand gently applying pressure to the back of her head as the words leave his lips.

Opening her mouth further, she takes the entirety of the tip into her mouth and begins doing a sucking motion on it. Remembering what he taught her, in the beginning, about how he liked things done during “ time”. Her mind starts to drift to those days, when “ time” began, a few months after she left. She had been sleeping in her bed when he came in that night so long ago.

It's not like he hadn't come into her bedroom before when she was asleep to cuddle and sleep next to her, especially the first month after the bitch, as he called her, packed her bags after a particularly nasty fight one evening. The bitch wasn't even her mother, just some woman he met and moved in one day. She didn't even know where or her mother was, he never talked about her.

That first time, though, the first time he touched her between her legs, life started to become different in that moment. Sure, there were still cuddles and words of love, but now, when “ time” was going on, he was different. Someone else, someone she tried not to anger.

His hand on the back of her head started pushing more, she knew that meant to stop sucking and let him hump her mouth. So, she released the suction a bit, took a deep breath through her nose, and tried to relax her neck as he pushed himself in and out of her mouth.

She heard his breathing grow deeper and fretted the moment the stuff came out. For her, besides the punishments, that was one of the worst parts of “ time”. His hand holding the back of her head, his thing gliding in and of her mouth, she wondered how much longer it would be when he surprised her by pulling it out.

“Lie back on the bed” he said with a glint in his eye “It's time”

“Time for what?” she thought

She didn't have too much time to think before he started pushing on her shoulders to push her to lay bac When her torso was on the bed, he grabbed her legs and stepped closer to her. Pushing her legs up and out. She watched his hand grasp his thing, he pushed it towards her pussy lips. Moving it up and down, he coated himself in her juices.

“You need to learn what that hole is really for” lasciviously licking his lips after the words leave them.

His side:

It had been a long day at work when he arrived home to see her sitting on the couch. He wondered how he became so fortunate to have someone like her to mold into his perfect little fuck doll. He knew he still had work to do, but tonight was the night he planned to fuck her for the first time. After all these months, she was pliable enough to just lie there and take whatever his mind could conceive.

When he sat on the couch, he decided to mess with her mind a bit. He loved keeping her on her toes, wondering what would happen next. Turning on the movie was to keep her off guard, she had to know there would be playtime. He'd been playing with her, regularly, for months, to work her up to tonight.

The moment her ass his lap, his cock came to life. Oh, the glorious feeling of her wiggling around, making him remember when he taught her how to do it. The memory of her, back then, after the bitch left, was much more than he could take in that moment, and he decided to distract himself by playing with her pussy.

She was learning to like him playing with it, not like in the beginning when she cried the whole time. Now, it seems, he can only see the tears he craves from her by hurting her. His hands went up to her nipples, thinking about hurting her was making him harder. His cock was straining against his pants, she knew wearing that nightie would get to him.

Her voice telling him she loved it was enough to almost make him orgasm in that moment. He could tell she was enjoying what he was doing. Even if his hand wasn't drenched, her breathing confirmed that she loved every minute.

That's why he couldn't believe when she knocked his hand off of her nipple. He was shocked that should would even think of moving. Where had all those months of training her to hold still gone? He understood then, she wanted to be punished.

He watched her walk into the bedroom, glad he had a few minutes to gather himself. He wanted to spend some time punishing her tonight. Watching her skin glow red, feeling the warmth of it, was one of his favorite feelings. Just the memory of how her tit looked after he only smacked it once was enough to get his cock twitching again. Mixing a freshly spanked pussy with a first fucking? The thought seemed blissful, to him.

Walking into the bedroom, seeing her bent over the bed, ready to accept her punishment, he decided he was going to let her have the belt tonight. That ass begged to be red, as did other parts of her body. He figured he should start off with his hand, he didn't want to push her too far too fast and lose her, like what happened with the last one. The bitch.

While he spanked her, he couldn't help but notice how quickly her skin turned a pretty shade of pin It was time for the belt, he wanted see the leather mark her skin. She needed , she knew better, her body was his. The house and everything in it belonged him, including her.

When she stood up, it shocked him. But, he knew how to fix her, how to make her hold still. One big crack to that wet pussy will make her remember her training, remember how to please him. After his second strike to her ass with his belt, he wanted to feel the warmth of her , red skin on his coc

As his cock touched her ass, he could feel it's warmth and he suddenly wanted to feel the wetness between her legs. The thought of where this night would take them was swirling around in his head. Did she know he would fuck her tonight?

He leans over, wanting to get hold of one of her nipples. He loved the way they felt in his hand, the way they grew between his fingers when he twisted them. Pushing himself between her pussy lips over and over, he could feel his orgasm start to build. But, he wanted to prolong it, he wanted to see her cry before he took her.

A plan began to form in his mind as he watched her climb up onto the bed. He couldn't help but spank her ass as she tried to move to lie down, it's just so spankable. Taking some of his anger on her tits was on his mind especially since that was where she pushed him away from. That would teach her to take what he gives her, gladly.

While striking her breasts, he thought about how lovely they looked all red and swollen from their assault, and decided her pussy need a little extra heat. The second time he her, he knew it was time to give her a little pleasure to supplement the pain. She was no pain slut, after all. He was glad she endured the pain for him, rather than enjoy it. His erection fed by her fear.

Looking at her tits heaving with her approaching orgasm, it was almost as if her nipple was calling him to twist it. Seeing her eyes pop open, he decides to smack it, and is rewarded with a tiny tear dripping down her face. His cock throbs as he rubs it all over her nipple.

Once he got her stroking, he figured he should warm up her hole. It wasn't like he hadn't played with it in the past, using his fingers, but he wanted to be sure she was well lubricated. He didn't want to go in dry, the last time he tried that, the skin on his cock hurt the whole next day. Not to mention the fact that he preferred natural lubrication to synthetic or water based lube.

She was getting too close, he didn't want her to orgasm too soon. This was supposed to be a punishment after all. He knew how much she disliked tasting his cum, it was that thought he was counting on when he told her to start licking him. As she licked his shaft, he was grateful he put in that time teaching her the technique he liked.

She started suckling him as he enjoyed, and he remembered how easily she took to sucking his coc It was like she was born it. He was even thrilled she didn't like the taste of his cum, the look of disgust on her face as she swallowed it turned him on even more than when her mother used gobble it down, begging for more.

Grabbing the back of her head and fucking her face, he looked down at her. Her nipples were erect, tops of her breasts still red from their punishment earlier. He looked over into the mirror and watched his cock go in and of her mouth, and it was almost too much for him. He almost came, he had to stop, he wanted to cum inside her so he pulled himself out of her mouth.

When he pushed her back on the bed, he was surprised how quickly she complied. He was almost hoping for a fight, or maybe some tears...

She didn't understand what he meant, what her hole was for. However, that thought soon left her mind as she felt the head of his lolly push in towards her hole. Not comprehending how his thick lolly would fit, remembering how long it took her to get used to his finger being in there. When the tip of his lolly penetrated her, the first crash of pain flashed and tears sprang to her eyes. Her head started shaking back and forth, sucking in her lips out of fear of words escaping.

“That's it, take it” he grunts as he pushes the entire length of his cock into her pussy forcefully .

She wasn't prepared.

“ Please stop. Owwwwwww” she whimpered, eyes full of tears, attempting to squirm herself away.

His hands clamped down on her thighs, trapping her.

“It hurts now, but you'll get used to it” he said lustfully “Cry all you want, but that hole is mine.”

The tears streamed down her face as he forced his way into her pussy. She couldn't believe he would do this, whatever this was. She knew this was wrong, she felt wrong, she felt used. But, there was the undeniable feelings of warmth and pleasure washing over her. She conflicts that arose in her head, pushing away the wrong feelings.

As he pushed his lolly into her pussy, he would grind his hips up against her pelvis effectively stimulating her button. When he pulled back, he pushed back in quickly and grind up against her pelvis. She didn't understand what was making the butterflies grow in her belly, but began to enjoy the feelings of his lolly going in and out like that.

“I knew you'd like it. That's right, I'll make you my slut yet”

He let go one of her thighs, grabbing hold of her clit between his index and forefinger and started cupping and turning it in a light twisting motion. She was losing herself in the lust of the moment, her eyes fluttering with every twist of his wrist.

“Mmmm....that's my little cock slut” he murmured.

She thought slut was a bad word, but saw his face as he said it and he almost seemed happy with her. Maybe slut wasn't a bad word, maybe her being a slut would make him stop hurting her. Maybe...

That's when she felt it, the pressure begin to increase on her clit. He was squeezing it harder and harder between his fingers. His nails began to bite into the flesh of it, breaking her out of the dream.

“Cry for me” he uttered almost without feeling, looking down at her face.

The grip on her clit grew tighter, she screwed her eyes shut, trying to breath her way through the pain.


Not letting go of her button, he slapped her right breast.

“Cry, dammit”


His hand lands on her left. The tears started forming in her eyes.







One after the other, he battered her breasts with his palm. She began openly weeping before he let go of her button and stopped his assault on her chest.

“Ahhhh....fuuuuckkkk.....yeaaaahhhhhh” he screamed as he pushed himself into her deep and hard, spilling his seed deep inside her.

Collapsing onto her chest, his chest heaving, he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She didn't know if this meant it was over. Her button and chest were still on fire, and she could feel something dripping out of her hole. She felt him push himself off of her and stand up, and opened her eyes to look at his face.

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She Won Erotic Story Pt2
Orange Ball Of Fur
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 6:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2019 1:52 pm
Written December Two Thousand and Eighteen:

Approximately a month ago (probably a little more, but my memory isn't what it used to be and time flies the older you get), this little orange kitten started showing up on the porch when I went outside to feed my outdoor cats. Yes, I'm that woman. The one who feeds the strays in the neighborhood; makes sure they have fresh water; tries to show them human kindness whenever they allow; and builds them shelters out of plastic bins and old clothes.

I, being the empty nesting cat lady that I am, instantly wanted said kitten as my own. Oh yes, people, the maternal instinct was like a freaking drug and I was riding it for all it was worth. Determined to that little burgeoning life, I began a quest to rescue it. I even named the quest: Operation Rescue Kitten.

Shoot, I tried all kinds of things. It started with me sitting outside for hours at a time; on my porch, trying to get the kitten used to me. Then, when that didn't work, I shot for bribery. You all don't know how much I spend on cat treats in a month, I barely want to admit it to myself. Just trust that it's obscene to my minimalist side, and know that I still feel it's worth it.

Once, I got so close, I was playing with it, with my front door open. I had one of those cat toys on a stick? You know the ones, I'm sure you've seen them if you have cats or been over people's houses with cats. Anywho, I was inside, he was outside, I was flicking the toy, he was playing. I devised a system, using items around the house to get the door closed fast. Then, he was in the house, I almost had the door closed, but Wonton (my cat) stormed the door. That scared the kitten, and he squeezed through the door before I could shut it.

Then, I knew I couldn't force it. I'm never all that comfortable forcing anything on any being. Shoot, that's why I don't talk with my own , she doesn't want me to and I am brutally uncomfortable with the idea of forcing her. Just not my thing, not who I am, and goes against everything I believe to be true of myself. That is, I respect others' right to live their lives the way they wish, and yes, that includes cats. Because I'll be straight, if you don't know now that are going to animal whether we want them to or not, please don't get a pet.

After the decision not to force things, I took a more passive role. I fed him and gave him treats. He'd peek in through the front security door into the house. I baited him with catnip in front of the front door. I even built him a shelter the front door so that he'd be safe from the cold. We got to the point where I touched him on the head and my heart soared.

Then, yesterday happened.

Around nine thirty last night, the little orange ball of fur jumped up on our living room window sill and was staring into the house. I called Nick, my roommate, to come and see. I was awash with joy and excitement over the ingenuity and downright teasing nature of this little ball of awesomeness.

Then, Nick left for work, and I heard something outside. Something was moving around one of the cat bowls, I thought it may be a possum. They usually come out at night and eat up whatever the cats haven't eaten. But, it wasn't. It was the little monster I've named Blondie even though he's a boy. Yes, people, I name the strays, and I come up with the most unimaginative names possible because I'm me. Don't worry, if I start naming the possums, Nick has orders to institutionalize me. (Kidding)

Me being me, I got up and headed out to the garage so I could get some cat food and feed him. I opened the door, and the little bugger was sitting right there the bowl. I filled one, and he started sauntering over to eat. I walked back into the garage to set down the cup I use to get out the food. And, low and behold, guess who followed me back into the garage?

Oh yes, I'm sure you figured it out. The little orange ball of fur decided tonight was the night to check out the garage. Look, to say I wasn't ready to jump out of my skin and try to grab him is an understatement. But, I just watched as he sniffed around the garage.

Until, the queen arrived. Oh yes, the supreme ruler, in all her glory, showed up and didn't see the kitten, at first. Nope, she saw the door, open. And, miss “I think I'm going to explore” wasn't going to explore tonight because I wasn't feeling hunting her down in the rain. So, I, quickly, shut the door.

Yes, people, the kitten, Wonton and I were all in the garage. Then, Wonton saw the kitten, and my heart began pounding like a drummer doing a solo in an eighties rock band. I thought she'd attack him. She didn't. What she did was try to go over and smell him. However, that freaked the poor thing out and he went heading for the door.

When he realized the door was closed, the poor thing started really freaking out. And, people, when I tell you that my heart couldn't take it, I mean it. I knew this was the wrong thing in that moment. I couldn't do this to the poor little being. He was feral, and I was trying to make him domestic. It wasn't right.

I walked over to the door and the little orange ball of fur scurried across the garage, scared. I opened the door and walked back towards the inside of the house, shooing Wonton along with me. Watching as he ran back outside into the dark, I knew full well I'd see him in the morning, at feeding time.

Look, I wanted this kitten, but I also know that this kitten is wild. He was born in the wild and has spent his whole life there. For me to enforce my will upon him seems wrong. I believe my best bet is to continue trying to gain his trust feeding him and making sure he receives nothing but kindness from me. Yes, get him fixed, if I can get him to go into a carrier safely. But, also, allowing him to live in his clowder. Outside, where it's become obvious, to me, that he wants to be.

I have Wonton, trust that she's a handful many days. And, though I think another cat in the house would be good for her, it may be best for me to wait until another opportunity presents itself. Or, maybe she's fine, and I'm just kidding myself because I want another cat. Whatever the answer is, Blondie is and will remain an outdoor cat. (Unless he changes his mind on his own, then, of course, he'll be welcome).

A big thank you to my partner in all things cat, Nick. Without his approval and , I wouldn't be able to do all the things I want with these . He's been something of an unspoken hero in my life and the lives of these cats, and deserves a lot of credit and every bit of my gratitude.

The Orange Ball of Fur comes in and out of the house as he pleases (cat door), and is friends with NightStalker (Aka Demon Spawn)

Look at how cute he is laying in the cat house I made him:

Sexual Assault Culture is why I still have this link to give out to people:


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