Falling for the attached guy  

Hannz88 31F  
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12/3/2019 3:11 am
Falling for the attached guy

Ok girls,

Just don't, yes my work involves many many attached men,it's something we don't talk about unless they want too. They pay me I do my job. Once in a very rare blue moon, you come across the charmer and if your like me very closed off to love and relationships (personally 12 years of serious domestic violence) it sends you a shock when someone pays you and you kinda like them. It's only happened twice. This times a doozy though...because I seem to fall for the guys that are either total narssisitic or mental cases, yep two years in April I've been seeing a guy .... Knowing he's attached the was (past tense) mind blowing everything bit of kink and disgusting dirty stuff that personally love!!! The squirting was insain it felt like a drug . I keep my feelings closed off ... Eventually I fell yup in love ... He was my best friend, my human. My diary! We'd drink kiss fuck talk until the sun came up, I started lacking of course I did. I was second best. It hurt .... He's never stay with me , or do any of the things he promised, by this minute today , actually last week someone said wake up han...he does not in the slightest care about you...I know this deep down,it wasn't till I started to pick all the little things in my head that I lost my fucking shit like a meth addict with no meth. Today I wanted to believe again that he loves me ... I trusted with my most inner darkest hurtful things and my heart's so broken... But I'll heal. I hope. It shouldn't even have to be said but I'll say it because I'm a idiot and did it to myself .... Don't go there girls ....sex worker non sex worker the only person who loses is you! Apart from words n some flowers I got nothing but heart ache.... And guess what it's all my own fault. The dude with gf or wife is only after what he lacks at home. We all make our own choices now I have to live with mine. Especially when your head strong and I can normally separate feelings...this time I was mentally destroyed. Again my own fault and lack of morals self respect.this goes for those beautiful ligit kind men too .... There's some nasty girls around too. I think I'll go back to a open crazy hot dirty sex life .... 😝

LimerickJohn 65M  
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12/3/2019 3:19 am


Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:20 am:

LimerickJohn 65M  
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12/3/2019 4:18 am

Yes for your post to be seen on the active blogs post the first comment yourself. Look at other ones and you will see what I mean. ☘

Romephius 43M
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12/3/2019 4:22 am

There are times when I think I should just learn to be an asshole, they seem to get the ladies. I've been single 6 years (last one ripped my guts out) and I have had sex in over 3 years, not through lack of effort. It appears that I seem to be plain undesirable. So, to read a story like yours, I'm left wondering, what in the hell I'm doing wrong in this world.

I hope things smooth out for you quickly and you can resume a normal existence as pain free as possible asap. Good luck and many happy days and nights to you.

positively4you 70F  
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12/3/2019 5:08 am

Oh dear, you are young and lovely. Don’t waste your time and youth on the losers.

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 7:32 pm:
Not a loser just I guess I'm not good enough , but I'm told I'll know when it's the real deal .... Waiting waiting ....

Avocadontknoyou 35M
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12/3/2019 5:19 am

Aussie eh?

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:02 pm:
Total Aussie 😘

hungcouple239 34M/34F
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12/3/2019 5:35 am


Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:02 pm:
Perfection 😘

manda745 37F
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12/3/2019 6:53 am

Great post. YOU deserve love so take your own advise and stay away from attached guys! If they are going to cheat on the other girl with you, he would do it to you also. No rush no reward so you do have to put yourself out there though and take it slow. ACTIONS are louder than works so watch what they do NOT what they say! Hopefully you find someone to treat you they way you should be treated. Like you are the only one that matters. Good luck, and in the mean time have fun too, lol.

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:03 pm:
Thanks beautiful... He's a good guy just fell for what I couldn't have.life sucks sometimes

603Lookingforfun 42M
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12/3/2019 7:05 am

Remember for attached guys to, they can get attached to you as well and go through something similar. Happened to me when I was with my ex-wife. Got attached to a girl that I was fooling with. You're not alone

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:04 pm:
Yes I think your right in a sense .... I think he did care,but everything else is so demanding. it has been a rollercoaster. I love him dearly but it's just such a head fuck.

BloomingPoppy 43F
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12/3/2019 11:35 am

Boundaries must be set. Have fun and leave the feelings aside..

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:07 pm:
I always have sooo much fun and it's strange because as I said I've always been a work is work girl not involvement I actually don't know how it spiralled.... I do know it was different from how I've ever actually cared about another?!!

sphxdiver 69M  
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12/3/2019 1:41 pm

If one likes leading a double life.

Oh well !!!

Hannz88 replies on 12/3/2019 3:09 pm:
I'm not sure if double life is exactly what it is i think it's more to do with exactly how it got this far to begin with .... I had a beautiful inbox before from a guy called Stan and he explained this perfection I just can't type it all out. Made sense though.

Hannz88 31F  
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12/3/2019 3:10 pm

Thanks for all your replys and inboxes guys. It's a tough one, love is love? Just hard to let go my own fault .... Work and pleasure do not mix!

s2ndegree 60M  
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12/5/2019 2:07 pm

Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever thinks about the person they're hurting or how long before they get the gift that keeps on giving!

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