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Posted:Dec 3, 2019 6:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 3:00 am

Eh , heyyyyyy..... One, I need someone to eat me until half dead lol
Two is there any chicks that wanna have one on one fun? bored.

But ok.... Today I went and spoke to one if those well educated people .... Ones that ask and do you feel about that Hannah? Well Karen I feel pretty bloody bad otherwise I wouldn't of just for you to ask that!
So , I've been in a deep hole for about week (nobody attractive or good in bed has been in my actual hole or I'd be a bit more chirper) ...... Anywho.... I kinda got some clarity.... I seek toxic relationships because I yearn for love and commitment but I don't actually know this .... I want to feel that .... I seek approval.... While doing that tearing another down trying to force them to be what I need them to be doesn't work! Let go of the anger and hurt push through the feelings cry let them but remember it's only a short period of pain .... I've only kniwn toxic relationships so when a good one comes along apparently I'll forget about everything else .... This was all sophisticated ladida stuff but it's what I took from it..... Anyway share your turn ons?

Me a anal insertion kinda gal 😝😘
Falling for the attached guy
Posted:Dec 3, 2019 3:11 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2019 7:30 pm

Ok girls,

Just don't, yes my work involves many many attached men,it's something we don't talk about unless they want too. They pay me I do my job. Once in a very rare blue moon, you come across the charmer and if your like me very closed off to love and relationships (personally 12 years of serious domestic violence) it sends you a shock when someone pays you and you kinda like them. It's only happened twice. This times a doozy though...because I seem to fall for the guys that are either total narssisitic or mental cases, yep two years in April I've been seeing a guy .... Knowing he's attached the was (past tense) mind blowing everything bit of kink and disgusting dirty stuff that personally love!!! The squirting was insain it felt like a drug . I keep my feelings closed off ... Eventually I fell yup in love ... He was my best friend, my human. My diary! We'd drink kiss fuck talk until the sun came up, I started lacking of course I did. I was second best. It hurt .... He's never stay with me , or do any of the things he promised, by this minute today , actually last week someone said wake up han...he does not in the slightest care about you...I know this deep down,it wasn't till I started to pick all the little things in my head that I lost my fucking shit like a meth addict with no meth. Today I wanted to believe again that he loves me ... I trusted with my most inner darkest hurtful things and my heart's so broken... But I'll heal. I hope. It shouldn't even have to be said but I'll say it because I'm a idiot and did it to myself .... Don't go there girls worker non sex worker the only person who loses is you! Apart from words n some flowers I got nothing but heart ache.... And guess what it's all my own fault. The dude with gf or wife is only after what he lacks at home. We all make our own choices now I have to live with mine. Especially when your head strong and I can normally separate feelings...this time I was mentally destroyed. Again my own fault and lack of morals self respect.this goes for those beautiful ligit kind men too .... There's some nasty girls around too. I think I'll go back to a open crazy hot dirty sex life .... 😝
Posted:Dec 2, 2019 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2019 10:06 pm

It's almost 2020!
Why is /sex work still such a taboo subject.
For a long time, many many years I was ashamed of my work.
Until about a year ago, I was Outted by people who had a grudge. My friends and family were told with proof 😒 I&#39ive learned to embrace who I am, at first I was ashamed and heartbroken at the things I was called ..... Diseased dirty who're slut home wrecker, now I'm proud I'm proud of what I do, it takes a very strong minded person to see and do the things I have , I know I'm pretty charming and can put a show on, in my small town a inner country city I get so many looks from men who have seen me or just seen my adds now I just smile. We are all just people, I'm a normal person I just make my money in a still taboo way, we should be embracing sex and the amazing pleasure that comes from our own fantasys. People are scared of what is different or not talked about socially acceptable.... Ashamed. Why? Why be ashamed of natural feelings? I'm no different to anyone else.

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