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Gold 👑 vs Standard Membership... The Difference... Will Shock You 😲
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2019 12:23 pm
I've been both a Gold👑... and a Standard member - here on A F F . I enjoy each , for different reasons. However there are differences. What are they? I asked members, their opinions and thoughts. I then massaged all those points of view and gently compressed them for you, in a succinct review.


Gold Membership ; is like being, a really fast dolphin , swimming across the expansive seas and oceans of the world, frolicking freely in the deepest fathoms, through all shades... of blue. You go and come... when you want and you feed... at your leisure .


Standard Membership ; is like being, a goldfish, in an aquarium. It's nice and colorful... and full of bubbles. But you're grateful, very soon, that your goldfish memory , only lasts - seven and a half seconds. Since it only lasts that long, you're oblivious as you wait - forever - by the surface for those flakes of food... periodically dropped your way.


Other than THAT ; Gold👑 and Standard Memberships are identical .
Sort of... 😶

. ..
Go write on a REAL website... With a REAL blog... Fucker! 😳😮
Posted:Oct 10, 2019 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2019 1:28 pm
It was two in the morning. He was still up, watching sports highlights and charging the phone. The e. mail emoji chimed. He tapped his cell open... and raised his eyebrows... as he read, what she wrote.

"You are so full of shit ! You think you're so smart and glib! You think you're so witty and funny! Well you're not! You're just an asshole, who plays with words and manipulates people's feelings!

You think you can write? You think you're better than everyone?
You can't write worth shit! You're just a conceited dick, with an ego the size of your head! Get a grip and look around. Do you have a life, outside the fantasy you've created, on THAT site? You're a sociopath. Get some mental help!

You want to write? Go write on a REAL website, with a REAL blog, fucker! See how far you get! And stop harassing me! "

He looked at her words and blinked. He was confused... to say the least. "Hey... stuff happens, right?" he mumbled to himself. What had he done, to deserve THAT e.m.ail, from her? It's not like they were an exclusive couple or anything. He thought they were getting along... really well.

He was still in shock and slowly... very slowly, began composing his response ; when his phone... chimed again.

"So sorry! SO, SO SORRY! My bad! That e.m.ail, wasn't for YOU. It was for somebody else. I messed up! Disregard and DELETE. Please!

"Somebody else? Who... was her intended recipient?" he sat befuddled. He did as she suggested and deleted the e.m.ail. Then... pausing... he quicky recovered 'it' from the 'Trash' and saved 'it' - just in case. He wondered if she really had , made a mistake ; or was her note, a drunken - 'truth serum' - misstep. Perhaps... that's how she really felt about him?

He wasn't sure.

Her suggestion that he look into alternative blog sites - was a good one. Her other suggestion - get some mental help? Well... he Googled ; 'Am I a narcissist or a sociopath?'.

He wasn't sure about that either. .

Ever pressed 'Enter' ... and then regretted it?
. ..
Is It Love... Or Does She Just... Reeeelee Like You... 🤔
Posted:Oct 7, 2019 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 5:20 pm
He liked her.

Although he'd only known her for a few hours - he knew - he could learn to 'like' her... even more . The DJ played another tune. He held her tightly in his arms... enjoying the warmth of her breasts and softness of her skin, as he held his cheek against hers. She draped her arms tightly around his neck ; admiring the strength in his arms and the firmness, of his shoulders.

They'd been slow dancing, u.nder the glow, of dark shadows and in the path of music... that was too loud, for any conversation. They both, became familiar with each other's curves and bumps. Wet tongues explored open mouths. Eyes closed, as they would... when you inhale someone's essence, for the first time. Their mutual exploration reached a zenith, just as the last ballad played and the final notes... faded into the walls. On cue... large overhead lights, flooded the club with unholy brilliance.

They both stood... momentarily blinded.

He hoped he was good looking enough , for her - in that magnesium glare. He braced himself as she squinted at him and paused. Then... peering into his eyes, she gently stroked his jaw, with the tips of her fingers, ran her hand through his thick, black hair... and spoke...

"Ya know... once my eyes adjust to this fricken light... and a few more drinks... I'd be happy... to sit on your f.ace ," she blurted o.ut, laughing.

Leaning forward on her toes, she kissed him, with giddy enthusiasm. He kissed her back ; grateful that he'd found her. In that moment... he knew - he liked her a lot ! "It might even be LOVE ."

His thought was interrupted, as he choked on her tongue... when she grabbed his balls.

'Like', 'Lust', 'Love' - are they all clearly defined, with different conclusions ; Or can they all wind up in the bedroom anyway ? 🤔
. ..
Sex With Your Boss... Not Always A Good Idea... 😊
Posted:Oct 3, 2019 1:23 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 5:44 pm
I had a meeting this morning, at work...

The office was sparse. Two brown leather arm chairs faced a large teak wood desk. A phone and a small lamp, framed the sides of the polished surface. Horizontal shades, hid a broad window, casting an ivory glow behind the shadow figure, who sat in the tall chair. She rocked back... and forth. Her hands were clenched ; her knuckles white.

Linda adjusted her glasses, smiled sweetly, then... glared at me from behind her desk ; "If you're wrong, if your information and advice are wrong ; if this deal fucks up? I can assure you, that I will fire your ass, then sue your pathetic net worth into extinction . And then I'll make sure that your family... lives on the streets... for the rest of their lives. Do you understand me Paul ?" She seethed.

Without blinking - expressionless - I stood up from my chair, put my hands on Linda's desk and leaned forward. I replied to her, in a raspy whisper.

"Unlike you Linda. I have nothing to lose. My family? They'll be fine. I'll be fine. You .... on the other hand....will have to do something other, than fire and sue me. Because I can assure you, you're life... will be the last thing I would ever care less ... about messing with. You don't know.... who you're fucking with. Does your husband know about us? I'll bet he'd be curious, to see the videos and texts - I have ready for him. You're a fucking zombie to me. You... keep up your end of the bargain and we'll be fine. Do your job. Understand ?"

Silence echoed... off bare walls, as I turned my back. The heels of my shoes, clicking off the marble floors... were the only sounds, I heard. I didn't have to see, to know panick and fear, had gripped Linda's throat and turned her perfect complexion... a sickly, pale green.

I was suddenly nudged, in the elbow...

"Paul... Paul? Come on buddy. You daydreaming or something? Let's go to lunch. How was your meeting this morning with Linda? Heard you guys nailed that big contract?"

"We did," I replied to Eduardo as I stood up from my chair. "We certainly did."

I gotta stop binge watching, police detective, porn mysteries. I think they're MESSING ... with my head.

It's nice to have an open, understanding, relationship at work... isn't it? 🤔
Sex with your boss or co-worker anyone?

. ..
Sexy... Horny... Happy and Lucky - No... NOT The New Dwarfs 🤔
Posted:Sep 30, 2019 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 5:16 pm
I live in a large city, filled with splattered rainbows, of peculiar people. While on the subway, I overhear bits of their chatter. I'll usually stumble into fragments, that compel me... to pause.

This morning, I was in a packed train on the Green Line, heading downtown. I stood above two women, in their twenties. The one with the dark brown hair, was lamenting about her ex-boyfriend and - still current - room mate.

"I hate him. He sneaks his dirty clothes, into my laundry basket. The next thing ya know, I'm pulling four pairs of boxers, outta the washer. Yeah... he's SEXY ... but he's soo fricken lame. I'm almost sorry, I slept with him."

Her blond haired friend, scowled in sympathy ; "And he's soo full of himself. The way he struts around your apartment in his jeans... and stares at me. I'm soo glad, I never slept with him," then she paused, thoughtfully. "Don't you wish we were lesbians... at some point? It would be soo much easier."

They got off at the next stop...

... and these two, senior ladies carefully sat down and took their place. The gray haired woman turned to the one, sitting by the window and spoke.

"I'm going to Roger and Mary's home on Sunday... for dinner. Ya know Roger, had a mild stroke last month. It's his left side, nothing too serious. It's gonna make it really easy, for me to grope him, when I'm HORNY . He always puts up a struggle, if he thinks his wife is looking."

Her window friend, nodded her head up and down and replied ; "Really... Hmmm... "

The gray haired woman, stared at her window friend and shouted ; "Helen... you're deaf. Put on , your damn hearing aide. I was joking ."

The train roared through the tunnel. One of the teenagers behind me, bellowed to his buddy, in that loud way that teens talk.

"Mike... you remind me of Robert Downy Junior, when he was on drugs... and a lot of fun. Why the fuck, are you always smiling?"

Mike replied ; "If you smile all the time, you can trick your brain into thinking - that you're happy ! "

"Makes sense... smart ," I thought. The one not named Mike, continued talking.

"Ya know... I read that in prison, if they don't like you, they'll duct tape a snorkel to your mouth and then someone, will piss into it. True ! "

Mike, the happy philosopher, replied ;"Well... why wouldn't they like me? Everyone does!"

The train had stopped at the next station. I was nudged in the elbow, by Mike, as he pointed to an empty seat; "Go ahead sir."

"Oh for fucks sake, I'm not that old," I wanted to say. Instead I replied ; "Thanks. I'm good."

He smiled at me and squeezed in, next to his buddy. He did look HAPPY . As I turned my back to him, I practised my smile. A man in front of me, smiled back and waved. My smile... needs more work. The train sped up.

You know... occasionally, the conversations I overhear on the subway, are much more entertaining, than the shit I read on the internet.

Today... I got LUCKY and practised my smile.

Do you ever feel lucky and play the lotto ; or is your Retirement Plan, a more thoughtful one? 🤔
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I Had A Conference Call... With the CEO and CIO of A F F...😊
Posted:Sep 26, 2019 12:01 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 5:20 pm
With all the recent quibbles and foibles of A F F , the website and its handling of various issues here ; I decided to escalate my concerns to the highest authority possible. No... not God ! I called up A F F headquarters and arranged a video conference call between myself and the head honchos there ; the CIO and CEO of A F F. What transpired.... was epic .

When the A F F secretary to the CIO, called me back and confirmed the date and time of the meeting, I was somewhat surprised. Then again... not really ; I am (after all), Paulxx001 . Monday night, midnight EST ; nine o'clock their time - was Zero Hour . I fired up my desktop and pulled out my notes.

Right on schedule, they called. The initial greetings were polite. They preferred not to use their REAL names and suggested I just call them - Bob. Kinda confusing... but I went with it. I noticed cans of beer, a bottle of Jack and other alcohol on their meeting room table. I didn't feel shy, sipping my vodka slushy, as we got down to business.

The first item I brought up, was the issue of - missing and deleted words - from the blogs. Bob - the CIO - addressed that point, by saying ; "Paul... we're aware of the problem and we're looking into it. We've outsourced our IT development to China. And those fucking Chinese... well... they lied to us, about how much English they knew. But we're working on it. We're sending them English dictionaries. That glitch, should be resolved soon. "

I felt relieved. The second item, was - the elimination, of the three, free IM's - for Standard members. Bob... the CEO, took the lead and replied ; "Well... we know it's a hardship, but someone's gotta pay for our salaries. It ain't coming out of the pockets, of those fucking Standard members - right? Fuck em. Maybe they should get jobs and dish out three beers worth of cash, for a monthly priveledge. Huh?"

Not quite the answer I was expecting, but I admired his frankness. At that point, we decided to take a bathroom break. One of the Bobs really had to go and the other Bob, needed a fresh beer. I was parched and welcomed the pause, to grab a refill.

As I opened my fridge door and poured another slushy into my mug, I smiled to myself ; "These A F F execs, are regular people... just like you and me."

I scurried back to my computer and waited for the Bobs, to make their appearance on screen. I heard noises in the background. It was a woman moaning and panting. One of the Bobs, popped into view. Something important had come up and they'd have to conclude the call. But... he suggested, that we do it again soon. Perhaps next week or next month? We left it open ended. As we said goodbye, that lady in the background began to plead ; " Oh God... YES!"

Were they having a prayer session... this late?

"Well... that whole experience was nice," I thought to myself. I learned some things that I didn't know. And I walked away from the encounter, with renewed respect , for the leaders of our tribe .

I think... we're in good hands here. Don't you? 🤔

. ..
Live Forever... Or Die Trying...
Posted:Sep 23, 2019 12:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 5:49 pm
I think I met HIM... long ago. HE stood and glared , while standing in the midst of billowing... ashen vapor. Crimson flames... framed, his obsidian eyes... as he rasped.

"Is your wish, that you become famous and die? Or that you become infamous and fake your death, then watch - forever invisible - as your fame unfolds?

"Wait... WAIT ," I shouted.

HE... wasn't listening. HE'D turned away, distracted. There was a woman, named Mary, from Magdala... or was it Nazareth, Texas? She was on her knees ; her shadow, a silhoette, in the dull ivory light.

I lingered.
That night... was a haze.

I've stopped waiting. I'll make it happen or eventually... die trying. on one, of those paths. There is no time limit.

Is there?

. ..
Less Is More... Unless You Already Promised... A Lot... 🤔
Posted:Sep 19, 2019 12:21 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2021 1:31 am
The other night, I parked my car (in the garage), opened the door and walked right into, a huge - spider web. It's gluey fuzziness, stuck to my nose... and face. Y'all know what that feels like, right?

After my initial - "Ughhh !" and some wild flailing of the arms - there was this ; "What the fuck !" moment. I mean, seriously. I'd gone through that same web, three or four times, in the previous two weeks. I'd had enough! Rather than accept, this behaviour any longer, I searched out the culprit and squished him. It was quick... and painless. If his web had been smaller, he'd never have perished. 'Less is more' - is a lesson, THAT little guy, would never acquire. And it's a notion, some of us... are still learning.

For those who don't know ; 'Less is more' , is the belief that - simplicity and clarity, lead to better design. It's often described as 'minimalism'. It refers to anything, that is spare or stripped to its essentials. Sorta... like a one word blog or... the middle finger, in the midst of a conversation. Ya don't need much - to understand the person's thoughts.

I used to make my point (in a conversation), three times, thinking three - was about the right amount of times, to be understood. I used to write, 'drag on' sentences, that would go on forever. I used to... ugh, never mind. You get my point.

Yep. I don't have much else to add. Less is more ... is a principal that works, in just about any scenario of life ; music, art, architecture, every day conversations. Everything!

Except of course... when you've promised her seven and a quarter... and you're delivering, four and a half. Hmmm... Yep.. that might be, a bad thing.

What do you think? Does LESS .... do MORE ... for you, in all aspects of your life? 🤔

. ..
The Intervention... The Strippers... and FrankeeZee 🤔
Posted:Sep 16, 2019 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 5:24 pm
I got a call from FrankeeZee's younger brother last week - BobbyZee. His voice was urgent.

"Paul... We gotta do something about Frankee's obsession with that STUPID sex site he's on. He spends whole days, writing silly blogs . It's fucking up his job. It's affecting his life. I've organized an 'Intervention' - at Tony's restaurant - for Monday. Can you make it?"

Of course I could. He's my buddy. So last Monday , I walked into 'Tony's Place' ; 'Casual Italian dining, a deli counter, with kareoke... and a great bar selection'. We had the place to ourselves. I sat down, amongst a cluster of twenty people. They were all bloggers, from FrankeeZee's * 'sex site'. Why had BobbyZee chosen these people, for an intervention? I presumed, none of FrankeeZee's real friends, even knew - he was on a sex site.

We all wore large white tags, with our User Names . I wore mine - Paulxx001 . People there must have visited A F F, because they recognized me. I signed a few autographs and shook hands. Curiously enough their user names, resembled the ones over here , on A F F; AssSmart, JB, Sexy2000, KissingMe, TemptMe, Heartbreaker ... and a bunch of others. Oh and the lady from Florida (the one from that sex rehab center, FrankeeZee met, a few months back) - she was there.

We sat and chatted and waited. Tony (the owner) came by ; "Hey Paul... howzit goin'? Ya want me to put out some food, while you guys wait? And somethin' ta drink?"

"Sure... sounds like a great idea," I nodded. I looked at my watch. FrankeeZee was late.

Soon... the party platters arrived, followed shortly, by pitchers of Sangria and house wine. My cell phone buzzed. It was BobbyZee ; they were stuck, in bridge traffic. I dug into a slice of pizza. Lady2000 came up to me and we spoke. She was originally from Toronto, but moved here a few years back. She likes sushi ; hmmm... so do I.

An hour or so later, GotoPoco31 (or was it OceanGirl ), had already, turned on the kareoke machine and were wailing up a storm, with Poet52 singing lead. They were playing Aretha Franklin's, 'Respect', and the place was rockin'. By the time Bobby and FrankeeZee walked in, no one noticed... except me .

I greeted them at the door. Bobby, looked stern and hissed into my ear. "Paul... what the fuck... is going on? I know we're two hours late, but... this is crazy! "

I didn't have a chance to reply. FrankeeZee grabbed hold of me and gave me a huge hug. "Paul... you fucker! Is this party your idea? Damn.... I love you bro! This is great!"

At that moment, the Florida lady (from that sex rehab center) came running up to Frankee, wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips.

A few minutes later... the male strippers arrived. One of the ladies, Kimberlie101 , thought FrankeeZee was never showing up, so she had taken matters, into her own hands. BobbyZee grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside. "Paul.... This isn't, what I had planned. How.... are we going to fix this?"

I looked at him and blinked. Then I blinked again... and spoke ; "Well... on the bright side, at least FrankeeZee's not on the sex site, wasting his time blogging... right?"

I sat down in a chair and watched... as things unfolded. The strippers - stripped. The ladies screamed and hollered. FrankeeZee took the Florida lady by the hand and made his way, into the men's room. Yep... things were following, some sort of master plan .

On cue, 69Wonders waved her arms at me. I stood up and made my way to the mic. The first chords to 'Piano Man', were playing ; and that, was MY song. Oh well... I was pretty sure, that's how most interventions worked out. Don't they? 🤔

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun
. ..
Turn On That Switch... And Be Your Best... Or... Fall On Your Face... 😯
Posted:Sep 9, 2019 12:25 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2019 11:08 am
I have a switch . Everyone does ! I flip it, when I step out of the house. I become my best me. It activates a positive (go for it) energy, my personality is poised and the spring is loaded. When the switch is ON, I bring my 'A Game' to the table. I really needed it, this weekend.

It was that annual September festival, in a huge park, in the east end of the city. It's been a regular event, for twenty years and this year, a good buddy of mine was in charge. It's a lot of work to organize, but it's a blast. Especially, if you're into food and live bands and drinking... oh and... did I mention, the thousands of people crawling about? Ya gotta have your switch on, or you'll be swallowed up. and overwhelmed ; if you know what I mean.

Saturday, it had been raining all day and by sunset, the grounds were soggy. The huge, covered stage was dry and just kept pumping out act after act, but the crowd was soaked. Even under the tents, things were damp and moist... and I don't mean, in that good... tingly way. People didn't care, they just kept drinking and dancing.

I was helping out in the bar tent, serving vodka shots and beer. You can tell, people have had too much, when they say hello to you, for the third time and ask the same questions. Yep... ya got that vibe right. Things were a slippery, muddy, wild mess and that's... when I ran into her.

Actually, she ran into me. She was dressed, completely inappropriately... in a tight, hip hugging, cream colored dress, that flowed out like a flower, from just below her knees. Her stiletto heels, dug into the turf, with relentless impatience, as she plodded towards my tent. Then as she saw me, she shouted ; "Paul... how are you...?" and raised her arms for a greeting.

At that moment, she stumbled and kinda lunged forward. I wasn't quick enough to catch her. She face planted into the mud. It took all my self control, not to laugh. I stifled my chuckles and spoke; "Ugh... Hang on. I'll help."

She pushed her hands into the muck and crouched to her knees, as a few of us, picked her up by the elbows and raised her from the quagmire. She was pasted, from head to toe, dripping, with fresh mud. The dress was ruined. Some drunk guy, gave her a couple of napkins : she needed a fire hose. I offered her a chair in the bar tent and someone else offered her a drink. Surprisingly... she refused the chair... but accepted the drink.

Soon after, her husband came by... and dragged her away. He came back five minutes later and got down on his knees, into the mud, to look for a set of keys, she'd lost. We found them...

The thing about, flipping your switch and bringing your 'A Game', into the real world is - ya gotta be ready and sober, or you might fall, flat on your face. Hey... stuff happens at festivals, right?

The sun came out on Sunday and dried things up. The bar tent was... flying ! Face plant lady showed up, sporting jeans, runners and a big smile. She ordered vodka, with a beer chaser.

. ..
Love The One You Are With... Or... Is There Something Else... 🤔
Posted:Sep 5, 2019 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 1:18 am
All hospitals, have that smell . It nudges your nose and leans on your stomach. It's as if, a thousand butterflies, have punched you in the gut. You know what I mean?

Many... many... years ago, I visited her. It was morning. The September sun was shining - slashing brilliant lines - through the slits, in the blinds. They'd moved her, to the Terminal Ward. I was early. I must have surprised her, as I walked into the tiny, stuffy room. Her eyes were closed. She'd painted her lips - ruby red - for me. Her skin was ashen grey and she clutched a bible... quietly praying. She stopped, when she heard me. She slowly, opened her eyes and looked at me.

"I'm sorry. I'll come back in a few minutes," I mumbled.

"No. Don't leave! Stay. I was praying for you. I was praying for you, Paul. I was praying... that YOU find someone.... after I'm gone. I was praying for you ... my love !" Tears streamed down, from her tired eyes.

I clasped her hands, as my eyes filled. I could barely see her face. But I felt her love and the intimacy, of her prayer. I didn't have the heart, to tell her - it would never ... come to pass.

Thirty seconds, thirty days... thirty years. The question, isn't how we die... it's how we live. It's how we're loved... and how we love.

. ..
A Lifetime... Another Memory... Sealed... 😊
Posted:Aug 29, 2019 11:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 5:54 pm

. ..

Ode To A Pussy... How May I Count The Ways... 🤔
Posted:Aug 28, 2019 7:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2019 5:21 am

Ode T.o A Pussy... How May I Count The Ways

By * FrankeeZee

Your pussy... it inspires m.e t.o write.
I love the way it throbs and twitches.
It invades m.y mind each, day and night,
Dreaming of its moist, swollen niches.

Shall I compare it, t.o a bright stardust?
Tis more splendid and more glorious.
Silk heat, bathe edges with promised lust.
Trembles, grip your tense sartorius.

How I crave to gently lick and p.lay.
While pink frames, slip open, wide and wet.
Thoughts of your w.arm vessel, fill m.y day.
M.y love for it, has m.e hard and set.

Remember m.y net words
whilst we're apart.
I'll soon be back...
t.o relieve, your throbbing heart.

*FrankeeZee is a friend and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun
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