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He Thrust Into Her... As She Moaned Against The Headboard... 🔥😮
Posted:Jan 22, 2020 10:44 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 5:31 pm
It was late and I was tired. I looked forward to a quick meal and the hotel bed that beckoned. But when you travel... things don't always turn out as planned, do they?

I recognized immediately, that my company had booked me into a really classy place. The TV was bolted to the ceiling and secured with one of those thick, shiny, chrome chains. I called room service, but they'd closed at eight. I looked at my watch - it was ten thirty. At least it was quiet : the walls must have been well insulated. The couple next door soon proved me wrong - over and over again - all fucking night.

By her third orgasm, I kinda had a feel for what she liked. Oral pleasure spurred her to great heights as she squealed with delight. I could actually feel his strength, as his thrusts pushed her body up against the headboard of their bed. The rhythmic thumping drove a gentle vibration through the walls - along my bed - and massaged my back.

I peeled off my socks and searched for the television remote ; 'Top Gun' (with Tom Cruise) was playing. Someone lectured his character, Maverick; "The end is inevitable. Your kind is headed towards extinction."

"Maybe... but not today," Tom replied confidently.

The lady next door was praying - to a god - once again. She screamed at the appropriate moment, just as Tom's jet hit the clouds and released a missile. A short time later, I heard a knock at my door. An errant pizza destined for my amorous neighbours had arrived. It wasn't a total loss. I picked up a menu from the delivery guy and an hour later, I was being fed. Oh... and Tom? Well he gets the girl, at the end.

Which was exactly what that guy next door was doing... just as the movie credits rolled. I've had worse stays in hotels. I shouldn't complain ; I'm indentured to work forever, so I'm used to hardship. To be truthful, the pizza was good... and who doesn't like Tom?

I settled in - for 'Mission Impossible' - as the woman in the other room moaned. My bed began to vibrate. Damn... I used to have stamina like that.

. ..
If Someone Were To Ask... How Would You Describe Yourselves... 🤔
Posted:Jan 20, 2020 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2020 2:23 am
He wondered, if someone were to ask him about her - and seek a description or a noun - he wouldn't know what to say.

Were they lovers or did they simply benefit from friendship? Was it possible they were more? He was almost convinced ; or was that simply lust, pretending to be something else? He was confused, about which words to use.

Especially... since they'd never met.

Sometimes, you can try too hard to make things fit. For many it would still be nice, to have to answer a question like that... once in a while.

. ..
Do All Watches Look Alike... Being Me Has It.s Privileges... 🤔
Posted:Jan 16, 2020 12:59 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2020 9:55 pm
"Being me has its privileges..." was what he said, just before he grinned and disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

There was a Harry Potter festival on TV the other night and that wizard had the power to dissolve into thin air. I wondered what I'd do with such a skill? I think I'd forgo THAT power and just practice the other spell. You know, the one that makes all the other cars vanish and finds the perfect parking spot - in a jammed mall. For fucks sake... I thought the crazy season was over!

Inside the vast expanse of that retail bonanza... spring had already sprung. All the winter gear was selling at a huge discount. We have two feet of snow on the ground, winter is less than half over and I'm looking at three pairs of size twelve boots, bare shelves and bikinis. There's a problem here. I'll probably regret, NOT buying those boots... sometime next December. I found a measly pair of gloves.

As I paid, the lady at the cash hesitated... then smiled coyly at me - while I flashed my credit card. "Nice watch," she grinned.

That's the same watch featured in my profile pics. Damn... I gotta be more careful. Then again, my careless disregard for details- had opened a door. Turns out, she was wearing a ring - and married.

Behind me, waited two rather large women who were arguing the merits of weight loss. One spoke to the other. "Large people like me will never get 'taken'," she exclaimed. "After they use the chloroform, they'd never be able to lift me into the truck."

Interesting - albeit inappropriate - point. They were joking and laughed in my direction. I hid my wrist (the one with the watch), into my pants pocket as I smiled and walked away.

An inch of snow covered my car as I approached - a short time later. There was, a total of seven and a half - predicted. That's enough for the hopeless romantics. Yet, it was too much for me. Everyone has their own set of standards, right?

My new gloves provided toasty warmth, as I swept the snow off my windshield. I thought about what that lady behind the counter had said. I mean seriously ; who looks at the watch? Besides... all watches look alike - if you pay attention to what people say here.

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If She Had Dragged Him Back To Bed🔥... Would Time Have Changed... 🤔
Posted:Jan 13, 2020 10:22 am
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2020 4:22 am
Weekday mornings were comfortably routine. Her husband, would always leave her with a kiss and a hug ; then he'd smile and promise to text - when he got to work. Things felt different... that morning. She couldn't say why ; there was just, something.

It was Friday and raining. Traffic in Montreal would be snarled. He was surprisingly efficient and headed out the door earlier than normal - looking sharper than usual. He was draped smartly in a dark blue suit, a new tie and his favorite cologne ; the one she loved.

She would have dragged him back to bed and fucked his brains out, if he'd let her. Instead, she cautioned him to be home on time ; a dinner reservation with friends, was for seven. He nodded. Then he reminded her, he'd be tied up all day in meetings - with - as he put it ; "... my asshole bosses. I won't get a chance to call or text, but I'll be home by six thirty babe," he promised, as he kissed her.

The day passed without a word from him. It wasn't the first time he'd been swamped. Yet as the clock struck seven, she'd become generously annoyed. She sent her husband a blunt text, sat in the kitchen and tapped her fingers - impatiently - on the table.

The TV news provided a distraction... barely . They flashed the aftermath from a morning collision somewhere in Laval ; a city close by. A car had been incinerated. She flipped the channel.

As eight o'clock neared, her anger ... had firmly anchored. "There's no meeting so intense, that he couldn't send a fucking message," she fumed. She called his phone - no answer. She rolled her eyes. And yet... an hour later - concern - had managed to gently nudge her anger to the side. When the doorbell rang, it startled her. "He'd forgotten his keys?" she wondered. Relieved to know he was finally home, she rushed to the door. It wasn't her husband - who greeted her.

The policeman who stood there, removed his cap and asked if he could step inside. His words were sparse. There'd been a violent early morning accident with a truck, on a road in Laval. Her husband's car had caught fire. There was nothing, they could have done to save him.

She couldn't believe her ears. "This must be a mistake," she thought. She would have screamed... but a question stumbled onto her lips. "What do you mean, the accident was in Laval ?" she asked. "He works in downtown Montreal. He was at meetings all day. What the fuck , was he doing in Laval?" she blurted.

"I don't know Ma'am. That's where the accident took place," was all he offered.

Her home phone, suddenly rang.

"You're mistaken. That's HIM calling," she yelled. She ran towards the living room and grabbed the receiver. There was no one on the line.

Minutes later... (after the officer had left), that phone rang once again. Through her tears, she peered at caller ID. Although it was a number she'd never seen, she knew the area code ; it was in Laval.

She snatched the phone from its cradle. A woman's voice... hesitant and sobbing... spoke.

"Hello...? I know Robert isn't there. I need to speak with you. There's things... I have to tell you. Stuff you need to know... "

And then - she heard a dial tone. She held the receiver in her hands, staring at it ; frozen... in disbelief and shock.

Chills swept through her core and a realization filled her head. An accumulation of tiny clues, had assembled themselves into a completed puzzle, that had been developing in her mind - for months.

The phone began to ring once again. A dull pain bore through her heart. She was in a daze ; unprepared for that call. Her fingers trembled as she cried into her hands, completely confused by what she should do.

That phone was relentless... as it chimed. Unsympathetic... as it continued to ring ... and ring... and...

. ..
Penis In A Pussy... Or Pepperoni On A Plate...🔥🤔
Posted:Jan 6, 2020 11:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2020 6:57 pm
She , was bent over the polished, pine wood kitchen table and had gripped both edges, with white knuckle strength. She bit her lip and moaned... softly. The salt and pepper shakers had already fallen, to the black and white checkered floor... right next to a clutter of blue, folded napkins.

He, was close ... but not quite there. His body tingled in waves, as he twitched inside her. She was closer ... in a more desperate way. Her legs trembled as she propped herself on her toes and raised her bare ass to him.

She panted, with short breaths, as he thrust slowly ... into her languid pussy. He leaned his head forward against her back and beckoned. Wet lips greeted his, as she arched her neck and kissed him.

Then... they BOTH smelled it.

Was it burning? Could he keep it in there, for another minute more? "The heat felt soo... good," he thought. He realized - he had to choose. She looked at him with a wince of desperation. They both had to decide ; 'Continue, till they'd reached their goal or risk - burning the fucking pizza!'

Choices... they're always tough ones, when you're near the edge, aren't they?

. ..
It Doesn't Mean Much... If You Can't Afford A Calendar... 🕦
Posted:Jan 2, 2020 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 11:02 pm
She stood near the sidewalk and leaned against an old brick wall. A street lamp, flamed large, silver flakes of snow as they fell gently through the night sky, onto the ragged lapels of her scruffy coat. She pulled the scarf up to her ears and waited patiently, for anyone to walk by. Then... someone did.

The doors to the restaurant flung open pushing warm laughter and a well fed group of couples into the frosty air. As they spilled towards the street, she held out a trembling hand and raised her gray eyes to meet his. He reached into his pocket and fumbled with some change. As he gave her his coins, their eyes met and he realized... he'd known her - many years ago. She quietly thanked him, then lowered her head into the icy wind as it blew her tousled brown hair, across her face. She leaned back against the wall and waited... for another person, to cross her path.

"I know her. We were seniors in university. We were in the same classes," he whispered to the woman draped tightly on his arm. He turned and looked back at the haggard shadow, huddled under the shimmering light. "I knew her. What happened?" he wondered.

They trudged through the snow and shortly... arrived at their destination. They could hear the music from the edge of the club doorway, as they piled into the cheerful mayhem of that bar. Coats were shed at the checkroom, yet as his turn came he paused. "You know guys... I'll be right back. I forgot something at the restaurant," he smiled as he kissed his lady and returned to the street.

He thrust his hands into his pockets and peered down the road. He hoped she'd still be there. He wasn't expecting an answer to any question. He'd dug up a twenty dollar bill from his wallet ; it seemed like something he should do.

When he'd reached, the wall where she'd stood... it was vacant. "How far could she have gone?" he thought, as he looked about. In a city of five million people - as far as the next crack might take her. Many of those cracks, were deep.

He raised the collar of his jacket and took a long breath. A white mist billowed, as he exhaled and looked at his watch. There was plenty of time to welcome the new year with his friends... and pray for old ones... he'd forgotten.

. ..
It.s Happening At The Gym... You Just Have To Be Resolved... 😛
Posted:Dec 30, 2019 12:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2020 5:49 pm
I was at the gym (on the treadmill), when I thought about it. Resolutions are designed for people who want to convince themselves, that they can change. They need reminders ; so they create them, write them down - then advertise to the planet. I wondered if I could pretend and be that 'resolution creator'.

Ever walked into one of those fitness clubs after the holidays? They're jammed with people, who've resolved to make a difference in their lives. Good for them! Except... it takes at least thirty days, to build a new habit. Two or three weeks later and that club - becomes a peaceful place... once again.

So why bother with resolutions? If you want to change a part of your life - go ahead and do it. Don't wait till the first of the year - do it right this minute. You don't need to announce it to the world or share it with anyone. Of course... it's more 'official' - if you do.

I reflected upon some changes, I might make. 'Develop an inner monologue'. 'Remove the purchase of lotto tickets, from my financial plan'. 'Become a more productive person and limit my time - on THIS site'. Then, I realized some things...

No one MY age has an inner monologue, do they? And that lotto jackpot, is over a hundred million. To top things off - I had just spent time, writing this thing. Now there's a bunch of minutes, I'm never getting back. But that's the key : you have to give a fuck, otherwise resolutions are simply hollow promises, scribbled on a piece of paper... or typed in a blog. Suddenly, I noticed her...

An attractive woman (wearing a pink pair of skin tight yoga pants), needed help with the StairMaster. Hang on a sec... I'll be back. There's a resolution I have, that I haven't shared with anyone ... yet.

. ..
Stuff Happens All The Time... Some Of It Sticks... Doesn't It... 😎
Posted:Dec 23, 2019 11:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2020 12:06 pm
Life is filled with stuff that we stumble upon. Last week, a bunch of stuff, caught my attention...

I filled a prescription at the pharmacy on Tuesday. There was a notice on their board ; 'Tell us your humorous side effects stories and get featured on our website'. I thought about it. Who doesn't like to be 'featured'?

The mall is where I visited my shoemaker ; we all have one... don't we? The sign on the glass door said ; 'Back In Fifteen Minutes'. I guess you have to give people hope. He showed up an hour later. I stayed busy drinking coffee and casually gawking at well dressed lady shoppers. It wasn't as creepy as it sounds. OK... perhaps it was.

My 'new' young neighbor isn't quite used to the concept of 'real' mail. The mailman was delivering some envelopes last week. She caught me as I walked down the stairs and asked if she should tip him per piece of mail... or per visit .

I feel good about my bathroom again. I've had a leaky faucet (since forever), so I put a zip lock, sandwich bag around the tap. It's temporary, but I don't hear the drips any more ; unless the bag fills up and falls off. I'm sticking duct tape on the plastic...that should hold better.

We live in such a needy society these days, don't we? I had a power failure last Saturday ; in fact, the whole block went black. I was OK - thanks. I have an 'unlimited data plan' (on my cell phone), so I was still able - to 'log on' HERE . Some people though... such a reliance on electricity . I mean, take the milk and leftover chicken legs out of the fridge and put it into the snow, on your balcony. What's the problem?

It's hard to be upset if something bad happens... and YOU , are the one who caused it. My toilet was backed up. I've got enough issues with my own shit ; I certainly didn't need anyone else's... to confuse me.

There's other stuff I could mention. I'm sure you've got yours. Some of it sticks - doesn't it?

Some Action... Is Better Than NO Action At All... 😎🔥
Posted:Dec 19, 2019 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2020 12:10 pm
I was at the office the other day, chiseling through files on my des Without warning... there was a power failure in the whole building.

The lights went off, all the computer screens went dark and the ventilation system sputtered, then purred ... a dead halt. Everything went completely silent... and blac One second later, a loud groan rushed out in unison - from every person there. A man in an agitated voice shouted...

"O My phone's not working and my screen's not working. They're BOTH not working for fucks sake!"

A minute later... the power surged back on with a loud hum. Everything and everyone, roared life. I heard a man yell ; " OK . I'm good. It's ALL good. They WORK now."

I stood up from my chair to see who HE was - but, I already knew. Every company has one, don't they? It was time for lunch.

I walked into the cafeteria and paused. Someone, was percolating some fish stew in the microwave - again . I looked around and saw the ladies huddled over by the windows. I decided to join them and sat down. Brenda grinned... with her mouth full ; Silvie and Latoya were engaged in a discussion.

I unwrapped my food. Black forrest ham with lettuce, mayo and dijon, with a slice of provolone - on a ciabatta bun - and a fresh tomato on the side. The women... entertained me with their conversation.

"It's been so long, I forget what it feels like, ya know? I'm not getting ANY . So I made a doctor's appointment, to see my gyno. Some action is better than NO action," declared Silvie to her compatriots, who laughed and nodded.

The girls stood up and waved goodbye. I was left alone, by the windows ; munching on my sandwich and chewing on my thoughts. My reflections were eventually interrupted... it was him .

He'd seen the empty spots next to . I bundled up my crumbs and smiled as he sat down. He grinned and spoke...

"Hey Paul... Did you guys have a power failure where you were today?"

I sit, in the cubical behind him.

"No. Our part of the building wasn't touched at all," I replied smiling, then waved. That's how we roll here - we wave .

As I walked back to the office, my reflections... continued : Some action, is better than NO action. Really? There's NO way, I'm calling my proctologist. Perhaps that 'gyno' thing is different... for women...

... and who's fricking fish was still fizzling in the micro?😶

. ..
I Won The Lotto... And Blew It On A Bear... 😎
Posted:Dec 16, 2019 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2020 6:32 pm
Who plays the Lotto? Is there a more pathetic retirement strategy - than following that plan? Ahh... 'twas youthful ambition I once had. I thought I'd persist, till I won. And then... I did.

The clerk at the counter checked my ticket. Cheerful bells chimed instantly, as my eyebrows raised and my posture straightened; "So... can I retire?" I laughed. The clerk paused and widened his eyes.

"No. But I think you've won more money, than I have in the cash," he gasped.

Several days later (with my bank account bulging), my friends and I... strutted into that packed dance bar, on a Friday night. I saw HER , from a distance as I approached. I was seeking a companion - a witness to my tale - and a partner to share in my good fortune. She looked fabulous. I was cocky and confident and I thought... we'd be fun together. So I playfully invited her to join us. She smirked and offered an opinion about 'pretenders' and 'losers' , then turned and walked away. I smiled and joined my crew.

Have you ever sat - at the 'elite, bottle service table' - in a night club? It's obnoxiously tacky... and pretentiously loud. It's perfect - if you're shallow and have NO budget. That, described me. We had a blast.

At some point, I squeezed back into the crowd and along a path of squished persons... all the way over... to the bathroom. There SHE was again ; pressed into a corner with two guys draped over her shoulders, sniffing her neck. Her eyes caught mine. She watched me - with that 'trapped look' - as I passed by.

Many of us judge people, based on the first things they say. I know occasionally I do. She did. I imagine, in that light... I might have sounded like an arrogant jerk.

Unfazed, I'd found another lady who had a sense of humour and didn't mind sharing it with me. The frenzied night multiplied, ripped itself into hazy shreds... and rumbled... long into the next morning. It was epic.

I didn't blow all my winnings that evening. I bought a stunning, gold 'polar bear' tie clip - from 'Tiffany'. I still have it to this day. I guess... it's part of my retirement plan. Hmmm... Yeah. I'm workin' on it. 🤔

. ..
Fifty Floors Up... I Tested The Breeze... And... 😮😐
Posted:Dec 12, 2019 11:24 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 4:50 pm
She asked me if she could see it. I said ; "Sure." I worked for the engineering firm that was putting it up. It was that tall gray building downtown - with the pointy top. The one that resembled a penis. We wore white construction helmets ; very official looking.

We walked up those last few flights of metal stairs and paused. It was dark ; shadows ruled that space. City lights shimmered and stars twinkled... over towards the right. We held our breath - as if someone, might hear.

The wind cared less as it played a boisterous tune, along steel beams and between, red painted pillars. I reached for her hand... and we tread onto that dusty, concrete floor. White plastic sheets (draped along walls), flapped wildly in the draft. We walked closer towards the far side. You can see a lot of the world, from fifty floors up. Yet, I could vaguely hear ... the muffled growl of traffic below.

"Paul...! That's close enough." she exclaimed.

She leaned and stepped away from me... as I tested the breeze and peered... over the edge. How much closer could I get? When my stomach filled with a million butterflies... and my head grew dizzy, I realized - I might be near enough. I sensed her hand pull... and yank me back.

We hugged each other, as the wind whistled in our ears and silenced the city. It was a beautiful night.

"One more glance, over the brink?" I thought. My heart raced. Could I trust that breeze... not to nudge me?

. ..
The Blind Date... Turned Explosive... 🔥😮
Posted:Dec 9, 2019 11:58 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 5:33 pm
And then... there was this time when an acquaintance, thought I would enjoy - meeting her friend. Early signs hinted... that the night might not go as planned.

The Uber was late. I couldn't wait any longer... so I hailed a cab. A driver with a thick British accent greeted me as I slid into the back seat. He slowly eased into heavy traffic, as I nervously glanced at my watch and spoke ; "Is this, the fastest way? Shouldn't you be taking the highway? Are you from England?"

"No. I just watch a lot of 'BBC' and fell in love with the accent," he replied dryly.

Funny guy. I made it to the restaurant on time. My date was waiting for me in the lobby. She was shorter and much older ; than her friend had described. And, she had a cute cheerful smile. We warmly greeted each other and casually, made our way to the hostess.

"Reservations for Paul," I cavalierly proclaimed.

The woman in the black dress and gold rimmed glasses scanned her page of names, brought a pen up to her mouth, looked at me... and smirked.

"We have no reservations under that name sir. Are you sure , you called?"

"Yes! I called on Monday and made reservations for next Saturday. That's today," I replied with a tinge of exasperation, seeping into my voice.

She responded, with a lecture.

"No sir. That's not, how it works here. THIS Saturday is today. NEXT Saturday means next WEEK," she raised her glasses and peered into my (livid) eyes. "By the way sir... NEXT Saturday, we've still got openings. Would you like a reservation?"

I must have turned a deep shade of red ; as her monologue lengthened.

"Now... the wait tonight is only t.wo hours. In the mean time you and... your lady friend, can appreciate our beautiful 'art', in the lounge. She pointed with her pen, to a petite, poorly lit room... over by the side.

We left.

I found another restaurant with an open table... down the street. My 'lady friend'- Veronica - and I finally ... settled into our seats and began the inevitable, small talk. I (mistakenly) asked about her ex husband.

"Yes... He was killed by the drink... he was," she spoke while lowering her eyes.

"Ahhh... He was an alcoholic," I nodded sadly.

"Oh no. He got by a Budweiser truck."

A fine bottle of French Bordeaux had - at last - arrived. "Thank God," I thought and quickly, changed the topic.

"Have you read any good books recently," I queried hopefully.

"Oh I don't read books. But I am a member of a book club. Makes me feel... as if I read. You know?" she smiled.

I looked at her and blinked.

Veronica was nervously chugging her third glass of wine when she suddenly clutched her stomach and grimaced. "Oh my! This wine... is going to go straight through me."

I cringed and silently waited - as if expecting something to happen. She spoke... hesitantly...

"You know Paul... I don't feel well. Excuse me," and she sprinted to the lady's room.

Our night together, ended when she returned. Turns out... her issues were best dealt with, at home. We politely shook hands and went our separate ways.

I hailed a cab. Of all the coincidences... you'll never guess who my cabbie was? Yes - it was 'British guy'. What were the chances, huh?

In spite of his protests, I obliged him to take the expressway. He... had been right! Road work had completely bottled everything up and we crawled along... for more than an hour. It wasn't as bad as it sounded. I got to listen to his 'Beatles' channel, on Spotify and his stories of growing up in Manchester. Interesting stuff.

I had a good time anyway. You live and learn, right?

. ..
Masturbation... Is It The Key To Success... 🤔😮
Posted:Dec 5, 2019 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2020 9:44 am

The - 'year end sales' - meeting, had been going on for hours. It was harsh and intense. F.ourteen of us had been sitting there round a table, squirming... and by that time of the day - we were all a bit haggard and beat up. Then... I got a great idea on how to feel better.

I took advantage of the break, went into the private bathrooms and stood by the sink ; not to pee but, to relieve some tension. I know what you're thinking ; "Paul... that's not very professional." Yes but... it's a very effective way to relax. It only took a few minutes ; I was motivated. After I'd reached my goal - I felt sooo much better. I rushed out... back into the carnage of that huddle. Everyone was settling in.

As I breezed into the conference room and took my spot... she paused. Diane ( the attractive Eastern Sales Rep sitting next to me), lifted her chin, turned her head and looked at me. I sat down and noticed her stare... which by now was a smirk. I squinted at her, shrugged my shoulders and asked ; "What?"

She replied with raised eyebrows and leaned over, with a whisper... that only I heard ; "Did you just go fuck yourself?"

I almost choked on my own saliva. I mean seriously? She couldn't have known. Was there a stain on my pants or had she smelt something. Or was it the peaceful look on my face that gave me away? How could she have known?

She glanced at me... a number of times ; a smile permanently painted on the corners of her lips. Then... the VP sales (he's a real asshole), asked her a question. It was like a barrel of crushed ice, had been dropped on top of both of us.

My mind drifted... as the myriad of revenue numbers, hypnotically flashed on a screen.

If you’re not already masturbating regularly, you might want to add it into your daily routine. Masturbation releases dopamine, and oxytocin and a slew of other chemicals which lowers pain and increase endorphins and makes you feel good. All in all... a purely therapeutic and happy event, worthy of a few minutes of your time.

When that sales manager woke me from my stupor and asked, what I thought we needed to do, to increase sales ; my first thought was to say - "Let's all masturbate more often."

I didn't. I suggested something lame like - 'trying harder'. Which come to think of it ; is a pretty good idea as well. I looked at Diane after I'd answered and visualized her... uh... you know. I'd use that image for my next session.

Everyone needs an incentive, don't we? 🤔

. ..

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