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Are you aware that an anklet signifies a Hotwife?
Posted:Jan 15, 2020 12:37 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2020 10:01 am

Are you aware that a marred woman wearing an anklet (ankle bracelet) is a sign that she is a “Hotwife” and available for sex?
Yes, I am aware
No, this is news to me
31 Comments , 160 votes
Who likes to watch their partner with others?
Posted:Mar 3, 2018 9:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2020 1:27 pm

Who likes to watch their partner have sex with other people?
I love it!
I don't mind it
No way!
5 Comments , 99 votes
Who likes to watch their partner with others?
Posted:Mar 3, 2018 8:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2020 12:40 pm

My wife and I like to watch each other play with others! We like the idea of being sexy and free and doing what we want to do sexually. We love to live out our fantasies! I also love for her to show off her sexy body! It is truly amazing!

We’ve had threesomes with bisexual females. And we both have just sat back and watched the other play in that scenario. It all started with dirty talk during sex. I think she is so fucking sexy! And I would talk dirty and say “Imagine there is a women sitting on the chair over there, watching us fuck as she rubs her clit! “ I would describe what the woman looks like, down to the color of her panties! And it would turn my wife on so much and she would cum so hard on my cock! My dirty talk brought the woman closer. Next thing you know, she was right next to us, touching my wifes body, stroking my cock and guiding it into my wifes eager wet pussy, rubbing my wifes clit while I fuck her doggy style. And this made my wife cum so hard all over my cock! Of course the fantasy just kept getting kinkier and now the dirty talk is “ Shes laying in front of you with her legs spread, dont you want to lick her pussy while Im fucking you doggy style. “ My wife screams Yes! And instantly came all over my cock!

The fantasy evolved to my wife talking dirty and pretending to be the other woman and that I was fucking her right in front of my wife. She would say things like “ You're fucking my little pussy so good! Thank you for sharing this naughty cock! Make me cum right in front of your wife! “ And of course, she’d cum hard all over my cock.

The fantasy led to us actively searching for the elusive bisexual female. The unicorn. Fortunately for us, my wife is so sexy, that when we actually do find one, we hook up and have hot sex! We live out all these scenarios we fantasized about! We spend a few months with a sexy bisexual girlfriend and explore and have a great time! And I swear it has done nothing but make our relationship stronger. Though I have to admit, the first time I saw my wife laying back with a woman spreading my wifes legs open and holding them there as she ate my wifes pussy and made her have a screaming, earth shattering orgasm, it gave me some mixed emotions, but pure lust and excitement overcame any feelings of jealousy I had. It felt so free. It felt so good. It felt so right. I knew that my wife and I were going to live out our fantasies and have everything that we wanted to have when it came to sex!

In fact, I told her that she could have anything she wanted, as long as she came hard! I told her if she met some sexy girl that she wanted to play with, go ahead and have fun, just cum hard! If you are super horny one day, and I’m not around, but you have another hard cock that you really want to ride, go ahead, as long as you cum hard.

She has given me the same type of permissions. She told me” If youre walking around at work, with a big, hard cock in your pants and you just need to cum, grab one of your pretty little coworkers and bend her over your desk and make her cum on your naughty cock” Sometime she’ll even say a specific coworkers name. “ Grab Staci and make her cum on your cock. “She said, “If one of our neighbors comes over while Im at work and wants to take your cock for a ride, let her cum all over it.”

But these fantasies and dirty talk started to occasionally be of a male. Now it was a man sitting in the chair, stroking his hard cock and watching us fuck. Then he got a little closer and was on the bed and showing my wife how big and hard she’s made him. Then hes touching her body and stroking his cock while her and I fuck. Each time the fantasy got kinkier, she came harder and harder on my cock. I was fucking her doggy style and saying,” Hes right next to you, stroking his cock and feeling on your ass and tits with his other hand.” while I felt on her ass and tits and fucked her. “And now you reach out and grab his cock and balls. “Boom! She’d have an earth shattering orgasm all over my cock.

The fantasy evolved and she would start talking dirty and describing everything about the man. By this point I was wearing a mask and I was this stranger. We had a few different masks for me to wear, but her favorite was a ski mask. And her dirty talk was actually instructions for me to follow. She would say “I just got out of the shower and I came out of the bathroom and a naughty stranger was waiting here for me. Hes been watching me and fantasizing and now he wants to see what it feels like to really fuck me. He grabs me and makes me bend over on the bed. He licks my pussy and ass because hes been wanting to taste me so bad! He pull his pants down just far enough to take his hard cock out! He smacks his big hard cock on my ass to show me how big and hard I make him. He takes my little pussy!”; And of course, another huge orgasm all over my cock.

So now we start actively looking for a hard stranger cock for her to use. There are so many on this site for her to choose from. Emails flood the inbox, but very few interest her. Finally, there is profile with pictures and video. The guy actually shows his face. His profile is proof that he can write in complete sentences. And my wife thought he has a nice cock and body. We started messaging with him back and forth. He send over a video of him stroking his cock and cumming while watching a video of my wife. He used her name in the video (which I had given him) and told my wife about how often he fantasized about her and masturbated to her pictures and videos. My wife was extremely turned on by it. She watched the video on her phone while I fucked her doggy style and as usual, she came hard all over my cock.

One weekend we were free. We didnt have any plans yet. The stranger IMd me on messenger and asked if we wanted to meet up. I told him that I would ask my wife but I thought she would be interested because the video really turned her on. But I explained that I would not promise that she would have sex with him, but I can promise you that you will be able to watch us have sex. Also, my wife and I love to take pictures and video, so Im pretty shell pose for you and you can do a photo shoot.

When my wife got home, I told her what was up and asked if she wanted to meet him. She was excited, but also nervous, but she wanted to do it! She said that she would definitely pose for pictures and show off her body and tease his cock. And shed definitely rub her pussy while he watched her and she'd love to watch him stroke his cock and cum for her. But she wasnt sure about him watching us have sex and she really wasnt sure she would be able to fuck him. She suggested we get some alcohol so she wouldnt be so nervous.

I went ahead and booked a hotel room. I went to the liquor store while she got her things ready. Luckily we already had some Magnum condoms. I occasionally wear those when we are playing out her stranger fantasy. We were both ready to go. We checked into the hotel and went up to our room. She immediately took and shower and started to get ready for our guest. When she was ready , we poured some drinks and sat down and talked it over. I reminded her that I just want her to be sexy and free and live life and have fun. I want her to live out her sexual fantasies. She was more comfortable and started to get excited! She told me to call him and tell him which hotel.
About 30 mins later he text that he was in the lobby. I gave him the room number. At this point I started to get a little nervous too. For a man, it is a little awkward to be inviting a strange man to your hotel room.

He knocked on the door, I invited him in and made him a drink. We all chatted and joked and laughed for about another half hour. And then when their was a break in conversation, I said Well my wife would love to show you what she has on under that dress. Then we lived out the fantasy!

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