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Canadian winters!
Posted:Nov 13, 2019 7:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2019 6:24 pm
We all know that there are many places that get alot of snow all around the world where snowfall happens..Some people are ok and deal with it reasonably well , some are not happy just accept that its gonna happen ..It is what it is a Canadian ..we have tough Canadian winter weather but we also have even tougher Canadian people even our animals are not a bit afraid of the harsh are a few things that show how we do deal with winter...enjoy

Pets are forever not just for Xmas!
Posted:Nov 12, 2019 4:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2019 11:40 pm

Hadnt written a blog for awhile now so i figured i might put a little something here Today i want to make a clear statement about pet adoption , whether it be a cat, kitten , adult or a puppy..Its becoming very clear in some places that people are either unaware of the adoptions from reputable shelters vs buying from breeders..Yes of course you have a preference for a specific breed of kitten or puppy and why not find them in a breeders listing of sales of specific animals...
I worked for 10 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in service to the Nova Scotia SPCA ..I also had a feline rescue and did animal Control for the Town nearby..Alot of abandoned pets got passed over in the shelters because there was and still are backyard breeders..People who have no scruples and sold sick and cheap knock offs of what they referred to as a specific breed...Ergo " you get what you pay for."
We here in Atlantic Canada have some really great rescue groups and animal shelters ..These shelters and rescue groups are always competing with ,backyard breeders and when someone ends up buying an animal from the backyard breeder most generally end up in shelters anyway..The so called backyard breeder has no sympathy for the buyer , they sell to make money , they sell sick animals and for a large sum of money you are stuck with a sick animal that may or may not live..Vets all over not only Nova Scotia but all over the world see this all the time...
My biggest peeve is those Breeders advertising at Xmas every year sales of puppies and kittens ..I never supported any breeder whether it was a reputable one or not a Law Enforcement Officer it would be a daily task for me to go out on Investigations and finding dogs tied out after the puppy novelty wore off or the cat was tossed out after the kitten grew up ...It was heartbreaking to find these animals were bought from breeders at Xmas or maybe another holiday and tossed aside when they were no longer a novelty..I housed hundreds of cats throughout the years and never had a problem with any of them..
People ask " why do people do this to their pets ?" answer because they can. No one cares and most times when the bad pet owners toss out their costly boughten pets , someone else cares for them...thus the original owners get away with that..and the circle continues..go out , buy another pet from a backyard breeder and do the same thing.
I have a particular disgust for those backyard breeders when they popped up advertising puppies or kittens for sale at Xmas..and most of my Enforcement included education and alerting the public about certain breeders who were underhandedly selling sick animals ..wondering how ruthless i was ? Here is one example:
My Brother owned a very good scale company business , he would go all over Nova Scotia and be gone a week at a time...Him and his wife bought a very expensive German Shepherd from a reputable breeder. One week when he was gone his wife had a backyard BBQ invited several family members ..My younger sister told me about an incident that my brothers wife caught the Shepherd taking a piece of steak off of the BBQ , Bro's wife took hold of the and shoved its face into the hot coals burning the dogs face and nose real bad...she locked the in the shed and didnt vet him...
I reported the incident to the Head Office and took my sister statement ..went back to my Bro's place asked the wife about what happened..asked to see the dog ...called my Bro who was on his way home..told him what happened ...also told him i was taking this to the Crown Attorney for prosecution..i took pics , then with the RCMP present i seized the read her rights to her then took the to the vet ...cost some bucks to vet him but he came back here with me...long story short she was prosecuted , and got a 10 year ban from owning any pets ...fined 2000.00 dollars and had to pay the vet bill ...The got a great home with very good owners..
Something to think about as the story ends , please do not support breeders... adopt from a shelter or rescue , where the pet comes with a story but they also come with lots of love and affection ..." pets are forever , not just for Xmas."
Legislation finally passes banning single use plastic bags!
Posted:Oct 30, 2019 2:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2019 12:04 am

Michael Gorman CBC writes:
Nova Scotia passes ban on single use plastic bags
This time next year single use plastic bags will be no more ..finding one may be the hardest thing to do almost like where's
The Legislation takes effect in one year giving grocers ,retailers and the public time to make adjustments...There are a few exemptions and those are for the time being dry cleaner bags,the bags used by garages to wrap tires bags used for bulk foods and fish sold from pet stores...but these things are under review and solutions may be in order..
The Minister for the Environment says it may not take a full year for retailers to make the changes they say many members of the public have already made the switch to reusable bags ...In January the giant food chain Sobeys have announced there will no longer be plastic bags available ..They go on to say their patrons are very happy to do their part and bring in their own bags. More is being done to find a solution to the bulk plastic bags , deli containers and bakery products which are also in clear rigid plastic...
**** Sobeys is my go to food chain the variety , and friendly staff make the trip worthwhile..they call you by name and hardly ever forget a face...I have been using my own grocery bags for a very long time and dont buy many prepackaged items...its hard sometimes but there is always a solution or alternative way of buying..
Way To Go Nova Scotia!!!
All in good fun my vegetable eating
Posted:Oct 21, 2019 7:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 10:54 am
Sometimes we eat our vegs and other times we find another use for them ..Ever have a pea fight at the table and your parents were not a bit impressed or ..ever had a parent or parents start a food fight? mashed potatoes were always a big the table for starting a food fight lol I heaved my share of gobs of mashed potatoes at my siblings is a compilation of pics showing vegetables can like any one of us humans...maybe its a conspiracy to take over the world ...sounds like the vegans have a head start ..onward and au natural we go ..

First Barn raising in Lunenburg County NS in 50 years!
Posted:Oct 21, 2019 5:43 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2019 5:14 pm
Story by Heidi Petracek co host of CTV News Atlantic..
When i was a we had hordes of people in any one given community would show up and help raise a barn or house whenever disaster would strike ..The members of a community get together in a day or on a weekend to help a family that was devestated by fire or any disaster, by building a new house or barn for the family who would lose theirs.. . Today it is very rare to see one neighbor helping another sadly this is the way of the world most times now...
Lunenburg County in NS did the first barn raising in 50 years..A local man lost everything in his hugh workshop by fire in August this year ..He owned a small and buggy business which seen thousands of visitors to NS hauled by and buggy through the town of Lunenburg and Basil would be at the reins proudly telling the visitors about the historical sites and the history of the town..
The business called Trot in Time has been around for a very long time and the loss of the building ended his business when a random spark from a torch started a massive fire and quickly ended in the building burning to the ground..Basil lost two beautiful antique carriages in the fire that can never be replaced , luckily the horses who hauled the carriages were not in danger and were out in the paddocks
The people of the communities that seen the business grow congregated on a beautiful Fall day and in the run of the day hammered together a bran new barn .A dance after the barn was done was hosted by Basil in order to thank the volunteers as was the custom years ago to thank the people who put time and materials into building the new barn or house..the communities were all invited to attend and it was a smashing success..
Basil was quoted as saying" If I could find all of the words to express to everyone who participated how thankful I am for their hard work I would put them in one of my buggies , but i would never have enough horses to pull the load,"

Lol say and do the darndest things!
Posted:Oct 20, 2019 4:56 am
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2019 1:08 pm
! yep gotta love 'em and the law says you gotta feed , house and dress them as well...Some people shouldnt have and others well act like ...but none the less gotta give 'em cudo's for being more natural and vocal than most adults...heres a few " " doing stuff and sayin' shit a few other random people...

Halloween spooks and funny shit !
Posted:Oct 18, 2019 6:09 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2019 3:30 pm
I love the Fall season ..October is my favorite time of year for getting outside work done..I dont enjoy doing things around the yard in the heat of summer...My birthday is on the 21st of this month and then spook night is near ..I used to prepare for that spooky night years ago but not so much now because there are few people who actually dress up any more in these small communities..Even parents who take their out do not bring them around..The temptation of the towns and much more candy variety takes a toll on the smaller places..but those of us who truly love the spooky attraction of decorating our places still press on..
I still plan on doing the decorating when i get set back up again most of my decorations passed away and family got rid of them when i was in hospital ..I have already picked out what i want and i am big on animated lifelike spooks and witches...I have a hugh house and property so lots of room to put whatever i want on display...there are some great pumpkin stencils out there now and when the pumpkins go on sale best time to put the artistic skills to
Please enjoy the memes and shit i am putting on this blog ....

Believe it!
Posted:Oct 17, 2019 4:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 10:56 am

Just touching on a few things and its not any kind of display on my part toward those people who lead any type of lifestyle that they feel makes them any more healthy than another but here is what i experienced not so long ago in the grocery store...
I have a large grocery store that i am dedicated to as i am sure alot of people do. My first visit when i go there is the vegetable and fruit isle. I am a firm believer in lots of fruit and vegetable consumption and i Personally feel it is best for me..I also have a great meat supplier who i buy fresh prime beef from Spring and Fall...Being a regular cash paying customer he gives me great deals along with exceptional service ..Yes i am a Meat eater. fist in the air Meat eater....i never buy pork because it doesnt agree with me ...I do however buy lots of chicken ..suppliers of poultry locally really does not exist so relying on the store to get what i need...
Now I also personally believe if someone chooses to eat what they feel is best for them that it should be left at that ..Recently i was at my store loading up on fruits and vegs end of season fruits were marked down significantly and i was in my glory ...
When i went out to my vehicle i was approached by a lady who was handing out literature which was about red or white meat consumption ..She said she was part of a small group who were anti red or white meat ...I said i am sorry i am not interested .Went to get on my way and she said well i see you have a large cart full of mostly fruits and vegs so i assumed you were vegetarian ....I said no i am not ...and again started on my way ..well she said i dont see any meats in your cart ...I said no you dont because its in my freezer at home..I told her i buy my meats from a seller in NS ..I will never give up my meat for anything .
***You have your beliefs I have my beliefs choose to not eat meats I choose to eat meats...this is the way it should be i do not believe people should try to push their choices on anyone ...if I chose to become a Vegan or not it should be not at question...I have never felt healthier and i personally believe it is because of my diet ...My doctor put me on a specific diet and its working for me ,, i dont push it on anyone...
Random laughs just to brighten your day.
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 8:05 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2019 10:46 am
Come on we all love a good laugh even the person who shows a stone face most of the time .Break the cycle , nooooo not the bicycle, tricycle or unicycle ....crack a smaile ..

Lol Mamma's gettin' freaky! yeeyow
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 2:23 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2019 10:47 am
women no matter what the age do some things that are way off the scale or well if someone wants to be noticed will do just about anything..some do not realize that its so wrong and are not aware of how things look...ha ha here is a few just for laughs...some random shit as well..

Attention Walmart shoppers..!!!! lol
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 3:29 am
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2019 6:17 am
Seems i really dont either get out much or dont go to the Walmart store here in the burg of NS...I found some real hilarious Walmart shoppers and i certainly didnt think there were people like this in the many Walmart's across Canada and the USA ...get a load of these folks!

Funny, bizarre and just plain hilarious
Posted:Oct 7, 2019 1:47 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2019 11:05 am
I really hope some of these do not get lost in transition ..I have seen my posts completely disappear these are the oddities of nature and some of the funniest!

Honey where is the vibrator? Dear its beside the condoms.
Posted:Oct 6, 2019 8:30 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2019 4:45 pm
Ok this is not really what you post is all about the family pet and what some of the strangest things the vet has to extract from " the dog " or "the cats" stomach..we all might have lost a thing or two in our lives that never ever found but did you check the , cat or for that matter the pet snake? hmmm well my one cat had a real fetish for eating or swallowing things that my other cats would never touch..examples of things she would eat? Elastics, plastic, nuts, raisins , cough drops( halls centers) , A5-35, (once mistake) A5 -35 is a topical pain reliever for muscle aches and pain. Husband was in the bathroom putting some on and accidentally dropped a gob on the floor, she rushed in and scooped it up...before i could catch her she burnt her mouth and some barbs off of her trip seen her with a real long recovery, she is gone now lived years
In closing i am sure some other people learned very valuable lessons from the who either was playing with or discovered or even accidentally swallowed things that was so crazy , here are a few x rays of the who swallowed extraordinary things imaginable ...


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