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This is for a "Special" person. My short story.
Posted:Apr 17, 2020 2:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2020 7:20 am

A Female Fantasy

Chapter 1

Sipping her morning coffee, Tiffany sat her front porch enjoying the early sunshine coming into her kitchen, feeling the slight breeze coming from the cracked-space when she left the window open the evening before. Her thoughts were drifting about nothing, in particular, the beautiful day, the tree branches casually waving at her when soon she began to realize she was in a dilemma. She was a gorgeous, young blonde with the perfect body. Proud of her robust, perky tits that popped at attention the second she got turned on, she wondered why she felt the desire for something different, something that would really excite her. She really couldn’t complain, her life had been a great one so far, but she felt like she was in a rut. Sure, she never wanted for a man with a figure like hers. It was almost too easy for her at times picking a man for her own self-gratification episodes. They would take in an eyeful of her and quickly be stumbling over themselves to get in her panties. Every shape, size, and age of cock she has had and it was always a wonderful experience. Tiffany was good at ordering her playmates around, demanding what they do to pleasure her and how they did it. The men she chose to fuck always fulfilled her sexual desires. Just the thought of a man’s thick shaft entering her tight pussy had her daydreaming. She squirmed in her chair, letting the cool wind trickle in from the window. It felt better than it had five minutes ago and that’s when she noticed she had begun to sweat a little. Her mind had retreated back to just last night when she made a new guy she had just met at a party her personal slave. He touched and licked her sensual areas until she ordered him to slide his huge cock inside her dripping pussy. The more his cock pumped in and out of her, the more she would moan and her whole body shook with ripples of orgasm after orgasm.
Tiffany loved to remember her playtimes, replaying each moment of exotic pleasure that was being given to her luscious body. Every curve fondled with strong hands, every inch of her smooth skin tingling and every thrust inside her made a howling experience for her. But, somehow, she felt it was getting old. She really wanted to explore a different kind of pleasure, something new to her senses. Something she had never experienced before. She desired something that she had never had the courage to bring herself to explore, a female’s touch. As she thought of the idea of being with a woman, her panties were becoming even wetter. It was an exciting and stimulating idea to be touched by another female and Tiffany was determined to find out if the reaction she was having to just the thought of it would be even better if it happened for real.
Sure, she was a little nervous, because she had never let herself succumb to such a fantasy before, but the feelings her body was craving out-weighed her jitteriness. Now, the everyday male just wasn’t giving her the satisfaction her imaginative thoughts were craving.
How exactly she should go about this particular escapade, she didn’t know. Pondering the whole scope of what and how this image in her head would come to life, it her. She got from her chair, walked over the kitchen table and opened her laptop. She began to do a search. After only a few minutes of typing in various ways of stating ‘sex with a female’, she didn’t realize there were so many different sites that catered to this kind of stuff. Being as experienced in the sexual department always gave Tiffany great confidence. This was different and Tiffany was becoming overwhelmed trying to absorb the information she was seeing. There was an abundance of a female with female videos, sites that sold toys for women and even sites where webcams gave a viewer instant access into one’s home. Never having to explore the sexual world online before, Tiffany discovered a whole new world she never knew existed!
Slightly shocked and definitely surprised by her discovery, Tiffany finally decided on what she should do. Posting an ad seemed logical and hopefully, it wouldn’t be a lengthy process. Scanning the numerous sites, Tiffany settled on one that included a lot of testimonials of other women who had placed such an ad and apparently couldn’t wait to brag about it. This particular site was also local in her area and that was a plus. Whoever decided to travel to meet (whether it be the other woman or herself), neither one had to go very far.
She wasn’t sure exactly what to say in the ad so she got right to the point, keeping it sweet and simple.
Female looking for female: I’m new at this and would like (Tiffany quickly changed that word to love) to have an encounter with another woman. Let’s explore something new and exciting together!
If this sounds like something you would love to participate in, then please include a picture and a little about yourself.
If I’m interested, I will reply back.
Tiffany included a snapshot of herself, she had taken about a week ago when she was at the beach with some friends. Hopefully, the fact that she was in a well-fitting pink bikini would really show off her curves and get some great responses. She sat back against the chair, twirled a string of her hair and decided that her ad was pretty good considering this was the first one she had ever had to write.
Finishing, she left an email address for inquiring ladies to respond to and then closed her laptop.
Sipping her coffee, she decided to shower quickly and then she would check back to see if she had gotten any replies.
Tossing different panties out of her dresser drawer, she couldn’t decide which ones to wear. What does one wear when meeting with a woman for the first time? Do I dress lacy or contemporary… black or bold red… loose or extremely tight? Without knowing what the “other woman” would like, Tiffany sat on her bed, confused. Why was she making this more difficult than it had to be? This was supposed to be fun!
Daydreaming again, the idea of a female touching her was certainly arousing and she looked down at her tits and her nipples were rock hard. They pleased her immensely as they stood erected like missiles waiting for take-off. Reaching up with her left hand, she slowly massaged her breasts, rubbing across her protruding nipples, from one to the other. She squeezed her tits hard and let out a satisfying moan. She let herself fall back onto the bed, her long blonde hair resting against the pillow. She was lost in her own touch.
Closing her eyes, she imagined a female kissing her soft lips, caressing her firm tits, and slowly moving down to her moistened area between her legs. Tiffany’s right hand automatically reached her wet mound and she spread her legs as wide as she could. Teasing herself, she let a finger slowly touch her clit and rub the outer lips of her dripping pussy. Taking it out, she put the soaked finger in her mouth, exploring what the taste of a woman would be like. She liked her own sweet juices and wondered if every woman tasted this good.
She was wiggling and moaning now while she pleasured her own body. Soon, her finger dove back into her wet pussy, deep and slow. She gasped for a quick moment, enjoying the sensation of pretending a woman was touching her. With one hand still squeezing her rock hard nipples, she inserted two fingers into her wet, eager box. She began a rocking motion as she buried her fingers deep, the pleasure driving her crazy. Her mind was thinking of another woman’s warm tongue between her legs and she pushed her fingers in as far as she could to bring her body into an orgasm. Slowly, she removed her fingers and licked each one. She lay on the bed dreaming, remembering she had wanted to shower and check her ad she had placed earlier.

Chapter 2

Tiffany allowed the warm water to wash down over her naked body like a mild waterfall. Lathering the soap, she tried real hard to concentrate on the actual shower but her mind kept going back to the fantasy she so wanted to experience. Forcing her hands to wash, and not , she completed her shower and toweled her wet body off.
Quickly she dressed, deciding she would wear what she liked, hoping most women were the same and would like it too. A black bra and panty set, a pair of shorts and a white blouse that buttoned the front was her chosen ensemble. Looking in the mirror, she thought she looked very sexy and that any woman would be pleased. Rushing back the kitchen, she opened her laptop, not really expecting to find any responses yet. She was surprised to see that she did indeed have one reply. Yes, only one, she thought, but one was better than none. Her heartbeat started to increase and she was starting to get a little nervous again. Goosebumps appeared on her arms and she shrugged them away, telling herself again how much fun this would be.
The woman was the same age as her, lived about an hour away, and was eager to meet if Tiffany liked her picture. The photo showed a beautiful brunette in a long silky blue dress. The voluptuous woman had tits that were plump and slightly protruding from the top of the dress. She was gorgeous!! Tiffany couldn’t believe her first response to her ad was this amazing woman.
Her nerves shaking a little, more from the excitement overtaking her body again, she managed to send off a reply and set up a meet for this evening if this woman was willing to come to her house. Then Tiffany thought she would run to the store and pick up a nice bottle of wine.
Gone about twenty minutes, she couldn’t wait to chill the wine and check to see if her new female friend would be coming over. Her face lit up when she opened the and it simply said, I will be there around 7 pm, looking forward meeting you.
This was it, her fantasy about become a reality in just a few short hours. Tiffany’s body quivered thinking of the adventure. Now occupy her mind until the woman showed up. It would be difficult considering tonight was Tiffany could think about. How would things out? Would this woman take charge or would she expect Tiffany ? She played different scenarios in her head and soon came the conclusion that she would just have wait and see what transpired later.
Tiffany was soon distracted from her daydreaming when Mindy, Tiffany’s girlfriend, had surprisingly shown at her front door. Mindy had a fight with her boyfriend and came over for some comfort from Tiffany. Tiffany could think about was her new encounter that would be arriving in less than an hour now and she really wanted Mindy leave. She didn’t wish be rude, but there really wasn’t anything Tiffany could do but tell her friend that she shouldn’t think about the fight, it will all blow over soon and Tiffany was sure Mindy and her boyfriend would be making soon.
Mindy, on the other hand, had instantly noticed the bottle of wine when she helped herself the refrigerator, getting a drink. Popping the cork, she took no rejections from Tiffany when she poured them each a glass of the red liquid.
A half-hour had gone by and Mindy was definitely feeling better, or the wine had started to kick in because Mindy had changed the subject. Her boyfriend was no longer the topic. She had instead spent fifteen minutes laughing at everything Tiffany was saying. Tiffany had veered the conversation trying to explain, or casually hint, how she had a new friend coming over very soon. Of course, knowing Tiffany as she does, Mindy just assumed it was another guy that Tiffany would use as her toy this evening and Mindy chuckled over the fact that Tiffany couldn’t get enough sex.
Tiffany wasn’t sure how to come right out and tell her friend that it wasn’t a male coming over so she just avoided the subject as Mindy kept prodding her for information on what this new stud looked like. Sipping her wine, Tiffany jumped when she heard the doorbell. no, her friend was early! Now, what was she do? At this point, there was nothing she could do but answer the door.
Excusing herself, she went the door, wondering how she was going explain things her friend. At first, she just stood with the door wide open, amazed at how beautiful Cassie was in person. Her long strawberry blonde curls cupped around her face accenting her gorgeous green eyes. She wore a simple pair of cut-off shorts with a tank top. The picture Tiffany had seen of her in the email didn’t do her justice!
Breaking her adamant stare, Mindy appeared in the hallway with a look of surprise on her face.
“Mindy, it’s so nice to see you again! I had no idea you would be here!” Cassie grinned.
Mindy and Tiffany were both stunned, Tiffany wondering how Mindy even knew Cassie and Mindy wondering what Cassie was doing here. Was this the friend Tiffany had been referring to, a female friend?
“Cassie, please come in, “Tiffany said, acting quickly to stifle the awkward moment.
“So this is your friend?” Mindy looked at Tiffany with a spark in her eye.
Tiffany bit her lower lip. “Um, yes.”
Cassie had walked over to the counter and poured herself a glass of wine, watching the two women try to figure out what was going on.
“So you know Cassie?” Tiffany whispered.
“I do.” Mindy smiled.
Cassie interrupted. “Yes, Mindy had placed an ad some time back, just like you did.”

Chapter 3

Tiffany’s mouth fell open. She couldn’t believe her friend had been with a woman! However, she was a little relieved to know this because she didn’t feel so out of place now. Somehow, she sensed her friend understood her needs and that made her relax a little.
“So Mindy, I think you should help me get to know your cute friend here,” Cassie said, taking another sip from her glass.
Mindy gave Tiffany a wink and replied, “It would be my pleasure!”
Setting her wine glass down on the counter, Mindy approached Tiffany and took her hand, leading her to the sofa in the other room. Cassie grabbed the wine bottle and followed in hot pursuit.
Mindy sat very close to Tiffany and Cassie was across the sofa lounging in a recliner.
“Have you ever kissed a woman before, Tiff?” Mindy asked.
Tiffany was nervous yet excited over what she thought was about to happen. Having an encounter with another woman was one thing, but the added bonus of having her best friend here was really making her body respond in ways she never thought it could.
“Um, no,” Tiffany replied.
“Relax, because you are in for a treat tonight,” Cassie said, watching Mindy stroke Tiffany’s hair.
Mindy leaned in close to her friend and kissed her on the cheek. Then she kissed her neck and then moved back up to her ear where she placed another soft kiss. Mindy could hear her friend’s breathing start to increase and she took that invitation to plant a soft kiss on Tiffany’s lips.
Tiffany loved the feeling of being kissed by a woman and she relaxed a bit on the sofa as Mindy continued to kiss her. Slipping her tongue in Tiffany’s mouth, she heard in the distance, Cassie letting out a moan of delight. Mindy and Tiffany both stopped what they were doing and began watching Cassie who had stood up and was slowly undressing. Her tank top lifted above her head and fell to the floor. Then she shimmied down her cut-off shorts so she now stood, looking sexy in a white bra and white thong panties.
Tiffany’s heartbeat skipped a beat as she stared at this goddess’s beautiful body that stood before her.
Mindy took Tiffany’s hand and had her stand up. Cassie reached in close to Tiffany and started to unbutton Tiffany’s blouse. Tiffany gasped and let her head fall back, enjoying the moment. Tiffany was standing in just her bra and panties when Cassie undressed. All women were staring at each other adorned in only their underwear. Cassie began caress Tiffany’s shoulders, both hands exploring the soft skin of her new friend, feeling their way her breasts. Cassie’s touch had Tiffany fire and she was only being touched with her bra on still! But that didn’t last long because Mindy had approached Tiffany from behind and unhooked the barrier that kept Cassie from Tiffany’s tits. Cassie began kissing Tiffany’s bare shoulders, slowly moving her warm lips downward.
Cassie wasted no time and bent her head to the level of Tiffany’s erect tits and let her tongue swirl around one of Tiffany’s erect nipples. Cassie stopped only long enough to slide Tiffany’s panties off and then she fully undressed. Mandy followed their lead and quickly removed her bra and panties too.
Tiffany groaned and felt as if she might collapse to the floor. She was in a daze of exotic pleasure; feeling the touch of this woman. Cassie’s tongue was so forceful that Tiffany’s nipples couldn’t help but respond and they stood at complete attention, craving more.
Cassie took her time, tasting every inch of Tiffany’s wonderful tits, taking in her mouth as much as she could, sucking the ripe nipples, listening to Tiffany cry out for more.
Mindy soon began kissing Tiffany, moving across her neck and her shoulders, blowing her hot breath in her ear, watching out of the corner of her eye, Cassie performing her magic on her best friend.
Cassie continued with her tit playing know full well that Tiffany was becoming so wet between her legs, pleased with her responses.
Mindy reached her arms around from the backside of Tiffany and began cupping both her tits, enticing them, holding them out, for Cassie to suck, fondle and squeeze. Cassie knew exactly what she was doing and she wasn’t about to stop now. She wanted her new friend to never forget her first encounter and possibly entertain her again in the future.
Cassie started out teasing with soft touches and licks of her velvet tongue to each nipple and then right when she heard Tiffany moan with delight, Mindy would squeeze Tiffany’s tits hard and Cassie gently bit them.
The two women had only just begun yet Tiffany was close to her first orgasm. Her tits were on fire and she ached for them to go further, to explore the rest of her body. She squirmed every time one of them showed her what pleasure with a woman was like. Their hands and mouths enjoying her tits, making her finally reach a height of extreme pleasure and she let out a slow moan and her friends knew she had just cum. Tiffany was exhausted. She had wanted to sit for just a moment, but Cassie wouldn’t allow it. Instead, Cassie reached for Tiffany’s hand and placed in on her own tit.
Tiffany obliged with a grin, letting her hand explore the perfect roundness of Cassie’s breasts. Her nipples were erect and responding amazingly to Tiffany’s fingers. Tiffany squeezed her nipples between her fingers, taking her time, enjoying the softness and the expression on Cassie’s face. Tiffany applied more pressure, cupped the tits harder, rubbed the nipples stronger and took great pride in watching Cassie being pleasured by her. Tiffany was so horny just watching Cassie squirm under her velvet touch, she couldn’t get enough of the soft, plump tits she found so exciting. Tiffany was surprised when Cassie reached up and grabbed the back of Tiffany’s head, pulling her mouth towards her eager tits.
Tiffany hungrily took in a nipple and flicked her tongue all over it. She sucked Cassie’s firm breasts, not realizing she had spread her legs far apart. The next thing she felt was a hand rubbing her mound, caressing her clit. Her sense of pleasure was a utopia she had never experienced before and she was enjoying every second of it.
Mindy had found Tiffany’s clit with her fingers and slowly worked her magic, watching Tiffany wiggle around, pushing her pussy outward, wanting more. Mindy only let her suffer a few more moments when she put a finger inside Tiffany’s moist pussy. In and out, Mindy loved the feel of Tiffany’s love juices dripping down her hand.
Cassie was still enthralled with Tiffany’s wonderful tongue, exploring her tits. She couldn’t take it anymore and with another gentle tuck of Tiffany’s hair, she pulled Tiffany towards the couch while Mindy continued her finger play. Cassie then sat back on the sofa and guided Tiffany’s head between her legs.
Tiffany was so enjoying the finger inside her cunt that she didn’t even think twice about eating pussy for her first time. She dove right in like a starving animal. She felt Cassie’s legs tighten around her face as she flicked her tongue in and out of Cassie’s wet hole, licking her clit, swallowing her wetness.
Tiffany loved the smell and taste of Cassie. She was in heaven she had never known and she never wanted it to stop. She reached her hands to Cassie’s legs and spread them wide apart to allow her face better access into Cassie’s delicious pussy. She lapped up Cassie’s juices eagerly and willingly. Diving her tongue way inside the soaking pussy, Tiffany was in a rage of horniness as Mindy was still fingering Tiffany while she sucked Cassie’s pussy. She added two of her fingers inside Cassie’s hot box, going in and out in a fast pace. Some thrusts were short and some were long and deep. Both Tiffany and Cassie were gasping and squirming, their pussies on fire.
Tiffany’s head was spinning like a top in overdrive. She was being pleasured as well as giving pleasure and she was so horny, she really thought she would cum any minute now. As if Mindy could read her mind, she pulled her fingers from Tiffany’s soaking pussy. Tiffany did not wish to take her face away from Cassie’s sizzling cunt to see what Mindy was up to. Tiffany just kept her tongue and lips moving, watching Cassie wriggle all over the sofa.

Chapter 4

Mindy had something else in mind and she instructed Tiffany to switch places with Cassie and Tiffany eagerly did as she was told. Seconds later, Cassie’s face was entering between Tiffany’s legs. At first, she teased Tiffany by just blowing her hot breath just above Tiffany’s swollen mound. Then Cassie took her long, wet tongue, teasing Tiffany some more by just barely touching Tiffany’s clit. Tiffany was lost in arousal of sheer bliss, holding her legs up high so Cassie had the best and easiest access to her hot pussy.
But Cassie was in no hurry and she continued to torture Tiffany with tiny licks of her tongue, draping it across her pussy, slowly and quickly, and watching Tiffany squiggle all over the couch. Flicking her clit ever so slowly, Cassie was driving Tiffany crazy and lay there with her eyes closed in a state of complete arousal.
Instantly, Tiffany’s eyes opened when she heard Mindy interrupt their session by telling Cassie to move over, she had a surprise for Tiffany.
Tiffany was eager for anything, anything at all. She really needed something inside her dripping cunt. Mindy knew Tiffany was ready for some hot action inside her pussy.
Mindy knelt between Tiffany’s legs and put a small vibrator on Tiffany’s clit, slowly moving it in circles.
Tiffany about jumped through the roof! The vibration was sending jolts of excitement through her entire body.
While Mindy vigorously rubbed Tiffany’s clit, Cassie began sucking on Tiffany’s tits, teasing and pulling on her nipples, making Tiffany arch her back in pleasure. Mindy reached down to her own swollen pussy lips and eagerly inserted two fingers inside her. She thrust them in and out, keeping the constant rubbing motion going on Tiffany’s pink clit. Mindy slipped the tiny vibrator just barely into Tiffany’s wet hole and Cassie squeezed Tiffany’s nipples really hard. Tiffany gasped, overwhelmed with all the sensations rolling through her body. She wiggled and squirmed in delight as she let out a loud moan. She couldn’t hold it in and she screamed, letting the river flow all over the tiny vibrator.
But Mindy wasn’t finished. She ordered Tiffany to roll over and bend down over the couch. What Tiffany didn’t know was that Mindy had switched vibrators. This time she had a -inch, vibrating, imitation cock that was thick. While Tiffany had her ass exposed in the air as she was bent over the sofa, Mindy teased her by swirling the cock around her asshole. Slowly letting the vibration work Tiffany into a new frenzy.
Cassie, on the other hand, wanted to lick Tiffany’s pussy so she crawled underneath Tiffany and began slapping her tongue around Tiffany’s dripping lips. Cassie’s wet tongue caressed and fondled Tiffany’s wonderful pussy. Cassie knew when Mindy had finally inserted the fake cock into Tiffany’s sweet ass because she heard a scream that sounded of both pain and pleasure. Cassie dove into Tiffany’s pussy with her entire mouth and began sucking all of Tiffany’s juices. She sucked and pulled the soft tissue between Tiffany’s legs while Cassie fucked her, driving the big cock deeper and deeper. Tiffany pushed her ass out, wanting more, screaming for her friend to please fuck her…harder!
Only a few moments later, Tiffany pushed her ass one last time, hard against the vibrating cock and emitted a groan of sheer pleasure. She came all over Cassie’s face.
Cassie and Mindy spent several minutes licking the pussy juices off the vibrating cock and Tiffany loved watching the two of them.
The girls then all sat on the sofa, relaxing from their adventure.
“You know, there is nothing like really good friends,” Mindy stated.
Everyone shook their heads in agreement.
“Hey Ladies, how about I refill our wine?” Tiffany asked.
“That sounds great!” Cassie replied.
After filling all the glasses again, Tiffany proposed a toast. “To exploring many new adventures together.”
Mindy winked at Tiffany and Cassie smiled at them both.
Their glasses clanked as they all sipped.
Tiffany had a feeling she would not be in need of posting another ad for quite some time. She also knew that the next time she would be repaying the favor to her friends, without her nerves interfering. Whenever she wanted something different, she now knew right where to find it. There would be no more wondering for Tiffany. From now on, it’s trying it and have fun doing it!***

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